56492 Class 108 Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory

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Dean Forest Railway

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Dean Forest Railway Apr 92-Present

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Dean Forest Railway



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Aberthaw Power Station (Open Day) May 97

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BR Green (Speed Whiskers)


Cardiff Cathays (Contract repairs) Sep 10

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Dean Forest DMU Group






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1 October 2018


Preservation Modifications
A fully fitted buffet area has been added to the rear saloon, and the toilet converted into a store cupboard.

Preservation Information
56492 & 50619 were the first two vehicles bought by the Dean Forest RailwayDMU Group, following their withdrawal in November 1991 at Gloucester Horton Road Depot, where they had latterly been used in an Emergency Services exercise. The pair had been together since 1988 and had been working from Bristol Bath Road depot before purchase for preservation. The set arrived at the DFR in April 1992 having been purchased the previous month.

56492 had some seats removed during the internal restoration and a buffet constructed in their place, to serve DFR passengers better. The buffet has been updated a number of times.

In October 1993, 56492 was launched into passenger service.

The summer of 1996 saw the vehicle repainted into BR Green with speed whiskers.

In June 1996 the vehicle starred in the first "DMU Day", which evolved to become the annual railcar conventions hosted today.

In 1999 the vehicle's tyres were turned.

In February 2001, a new cab front was fitted.

In autumn 2002, new cab lino was fitted.

In October 2003, 56492, by this time paired with 51914, played a key part in the Tufts Shuttle being extended to Whitecroft.

In March 2004, the buffet was refurbished and updated.

In 2005, the bogies were changed and the roof water tanks removed.

In December 2005, 56492 &51914 played a key part in the first services to Parkend.

2007 saw the roof repainted and the vehicle having a “bit” part in Casualty! The buffet was also updated again during this time.

2008 saw the vehicle repainted green, he preparation for which was done in such a way that the vehicle needed not to be withdrawn from traffic.

In 2009, the vehicle had an interesting role as a driver training vehicle for Arriva Trains Wales.

In September 2010 the vehicle's tyres were turned.

During 2015 56492 ran as a 2-car set with 50619and accumulated almost 700 miles in service. In December it was taken into the railway's "paint tent" where the cab end was repainted and whiskers/lining reapplied. The opportunity was also taken to repaint the roof.

In 2017, 56492 ran 1,336 miles as part of a 2-car set with 50619, as repairs to normal partner 51914had been ongoing.

56492 currently provides services regularly on the Dean Forest Railway as a 2-car set, with partner 51914, however the vehicle can also be paired with (it's original preservation partner) 50619 if maintenance dictates.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


M56492 is removed from the tent at Norchard after repainting, 6/1/16.Chris Bull


M56492 inside the tent at Norchard for repainting, 22/12/15. Chris Bull


M56492 inside the tent at Norchard for repainting, 5/12/15. Chris Bull


M56492 stands at Parkend, 22/7/15. Andy Miles


The full Dean Forest DMU fleet in all its glory: 51566/59387/50619 on the high level line near Norchard pass 56492/51914, 22/3/14. Stan Acaster


56492/51914 alongside more modern traction at Parkend, 22/3/14. Stan Acaster


56492 arriving into Norchard, 1/1/14. Chris Walker


56492 leads a four car set, 16/6/12. Chris Walker


56492, 50619, 59387 & 51914 at Norchard High Level on a test run the day before Railcar Day, the debut into traffic of 59387, 15/6/12. Alan Pace


56492 at Cardiff Cathays for tyre turning, 7/9/10. Martin Harrison


56492 on Thomas duty, 6/6/10. Dean Forest DMU Group


56492 at Norchard, 5/4/10. Dean Forest DMU Group


56492 at Parkend, 1/1/10. Dean Forest DMU Group


Covered in ice from a severe overnight frost the Dean Forest Railway's 56492 departs Norchard for Parkend. The DMU was a replacement for the steam locomotive which could not run due to "Severe Weather Conditions", 28/12/09. Griffin-Images


56492 in service with 51914 at Lydney, 27/9/08. Roger Budd


56492 in service with 51914 at Lydney, 27/9/08. Roger Budd


56492 leads a 3-car formation at parkend, 15/7/07. Rob Phillips


56492 leads a 3-car formation at parkend, 15/7/07. Rob Phillips


56492 at Norchard, 7/5/07. Daniel Adkins


56492, 51914 & 50619 at Parkend. This was a members special to celebrate the opening of the extension, 3/12/05. Alan Pace


56492, 51914 & 50619 at Parkend. This was a members special to celebrate the opening of the extension, 3/12/05. Chris Walker


56492 at Norchard, 24/9/05. Dean Forest DMU Group


56492 & 51914 at Norchard High Level, August 2004. Peter Wreford


56492 at Norchard High Level, 4/7/04.  Simon Jones


56492 at Norchard, 26/6/04. Simon Edwards


56492 at Middle Forge, 28/3/04. Dean Forest DMU Group


56492 at Middle Forge, 6/9/03. Dean Forest DMU Group


56492 during the 1st National DMU Owners convention, 29/6/96. Stuart Mackay


A rare view of 56492 during the 1990's showing the half yellow panel which it carried for a brief time. Brian Battersby