Dean Forest Railway

The Dean Forest Railway was one of the earliest established railways to preserve DMUs in their own right rather than as cheap traction. They were leaders in terms of setting up one of the first formal DMU groups, and the line hosted a “DMU Day” in 1996 which grew to become the annual railcar convention hosted at different railways today.

Some of the first seeds of The Railcar Association were sown here and the group has gone from strength to strength since.

Initially buying, restoring and running a Class 108 2-car set, a further power car was later acquired followed by a second trailer neatly forming two 2-car sets. In 2008 (following the sale of a large fleet of 108 vehicles from Peak Rail) the second trailer car was swopped in favour of a third power car and unique TSL centre vehicle with the aim of creating a 3-car set.

Since 2013, the railway has had a 2-car and 3-car set to draw from. Normal services are provided by the 2-car set, with the 3-car set operating on more busier days and days when the unit is acting as a substitute for failed steam traction. On the busiest of special events such as Thomas weekends, the two sets are combined to provide a full 5-cars.

The vehicles are constantly maintained to a high standard ensuring their long term futures on this picturesque forest line, which runs for four and a quarter miles through (as the name suggests) the Forest of Dean from Lydney (Junction) to Parkend.

50619 Class 108 DMBS
51566 Class 108 DMCL
51914 Class 108 DMBS
56492 Class 108 DTCL
59387 Class 108 TSL