59387 Class 108 Trailer Second Lavatory

Home Railway

Dean Forest Railway

Location History

Peak Rail Apr 93-Aug 08

Current Location

Dean Forest Railway


Dean Forest Railway Aug 09-Present

Current Status




Current Livery

BR Green

Visited Railways

Midland Railway Butterley (Contract Restoration) Aug 08-Aug 09

TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)

50619 & 51566




Dean Forest DMU Group






Record Last Updated

13 May 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
59387 was preserved by a private individual in 1993 and moved to Peak Rail. The fleet consisted of four sets (three 2-cars and a 3-car) and 59387 was the centre car in the 3-car set, along with DMBS 50933 and DMCL 51566. It is believed that the 3-car set was the only set to run in passenger service at Peak Rail.

In 2008, the Peak Rail fleet was quickly sold and disbanded, the three car set being purchased by the Dean Forest DMU Group.

59387 moved to the Midland Railway Butterley in 2008 for several contact repairs prior to moving to the Dean Forest Railway in 2009. Some of the work contracted included the fitting of overhauled bogies and a new interior ceiling.

Since arrival the vehicle underwent a general refurbishment prior to a launch into traffic.

On June 16th 2012, the vehicle was used in traffic for the first time on the DFR as part of their Railcar day. As partner 51566 was still under restoration, the vehicle was used in a mixed four car formation consisting of 51914, 59387, 50619 & 56492.

In 2014 59387 was formed into an accurate 3-car set with 50619 & 51566 after restoration of the latter was completed.

During 2015, 59387 mostly ran with 51566 &51914 and received repairs to its dynamo generator. It ran for over 1,300 miles over the year.

In 2017, 59387 ran a total of 473 miles as part of a 3-car set, less than in previous years.

59387 currently provides services regularly on the Dean Forest Railway as a 3-car set, with partners 50619 & 51566, however the former can be substituted with 51914 if maintenance dictates.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


New batteries being fitted to 59387, 6/1/16. Chris Bull


59387 stands in Norchard yard before making a test run the day before its passenger debut at the Dean Forest following full refurbishment, 15/6/12. Alan Pace


Work continues on 59387 at Norchard, Dean Forest Railway, 28/5/11. Chris Walker


59387, now in green, at Lydney Junction, 11/8/09. Dean Forest DMU Group


59387 being worked on inside the shed at Butterley, 31/3/09. Dean Forest DMU Group


59387 being worked on inside the shed at Butterley, 31/3/09. Dean Forest DMU Group


59387 now transferred to the MRB for contract restoration work priot to moving to the Dean Forest, January 2009. Eddie Knorn


59387 outside the Peak Rail carriage shed, 10/6/02. Stuart Mackay


59387 at Peak Rail. Ian Francis




59387's interior, 16/6/12. Chris Walker


The middle saloon, 31/3/09. Dean Forest DMU Group


The rear saloon under restoration, 31/3/09. Dean Forest DMU Group


The front saloon, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


The middle saloon, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


The rear saloon, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon