50619 Class 108 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Dean Forest Railway

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Dean Forest Railway Apr 92-Present

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Dean Forest Railway



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BR Green (Speed Whsikers)



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59387 & 51566




Dean Forest DMU Group






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13 May 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
50619 & 56492 were the first two vehicles bought by the Dean Forest RailwayDMU Group, following their withdrawal in November 1991 at Gloucester Horton Road Depot, where they had latterly been used in an Emergency Services exercise. The pair had been together since 1988 and had been working from Bristol Bath Road depot before purchase for preservation. The set arrived at the DFR in April 1992.

August 1993 saw the vehicle was repainted into BR Green with speed whiskers.

In October 1993, 50619 was launched into passenger service.

The summer of 1996 saw the vehicle repainted again.

In June 1996 the vehicle starred in the first "DMU Day", which evolved to become the annual railcar conventions hosted today.

In spring 2001, the exterior doors were refurbished.

In spring 2002, the front saloon ceiling panels were renewed. The interior wood was also stripped and varnished, the tungsten light fittings replaced, and overhauled vacuum cylinders fitted.

In spring 2003, a new corridor connection was fitted.

The vehicle was withdrawn in the winter of 2003, and both engines were removed to allow air compressor replacement. The Halon engine fire system was also removed. The engine driven cooling fans were replaced with electrically driven Kenlow thermostatically controlled type. In October 2004, with reapirs complete, the vehicle returned to traffic.

In 2007, a new corridor connection was fitted and the roof repainted.

2008 saw the vehicle repainted green. The interiors of the cabs and guards van were also refreshed.

In 2009, the vehicle had an interesting role as a driver training vehicle for Arriva Trains Wales, and "rain caps" were fitted to the tops of the engine exhaust pipes.

In September 2010 the vehicle's tyres were turned.

At the end of the 2014 running season, 50619 was withdrawn from traffic for its corroded cab end to be repaired, returning to service in May 2015 at Thomas event after the work had been concluded. Some major work was completed on 50619 over the winter. The cab front steelwork was corroded and required replacement. Parts of the framework behind it was also in need of replacement. The fibreglass dome was removed and waterproofed followed by the fitting of an entirely new aluminium cab front end. Reassembly followed and a repaint of the cab end completed the task. The opportunity was taken to change the vehicle's half yellow panel to the older cream whiskers on the front end, and the headcode box was also removed. In July 2015 the vehicle was returned to service. During 2015 50619 ran as a 2-car set with 56492 and accumulated almost 700 miles in service.

January 2016 saw 50619 receive bodywork repairs to the corridor end, after which the rest of the vehicle and roof were fully repainted.

In 2017, 50619 ran over 1,500 miles as part of both 2 and 3-car sets, and was in operation every day a DMU was used.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


E50619/E59387/M51566 depart Norchard Low Level, shortly after E50619 had been repainted, 19/3/16. Chris Walker


E50619 back in service following a repaint, 23/1/16. Alan Pace


E50619inside the tent during its repaint, 6/1/16. Chris Bull


50619/56492 pass through the Dean Forest during the annual DMU event, 1/8/15. Chris Walker


50619/56492 (on the left) compare with 3-car set 51914/59387/51566 at Lydney Junction during the annual DMU event, 1/8/15. Chris Walker


Gloss applied to the cab, 28/3/15. Chris Walker


The cab progresses well and is now at the undercoat stage, 15/3/15. Chris Walker


Glazing and roof dome now refitted, 7/3/15. Chris Walker


The new alloy cab front being fitted to the original framework, 7/11/14. Chris Walker


Original framework revealed after the steel cab front was removed, 3/11/14. Chris Walker


50619 at Whitecroft, 16/6/12. Chris Walker


50619 & 56492 depart Lydney Junction, with 51914 & 59387 on the right during Railcar Day, the debut into traffic of 59387, 16/6/12. Alan Pace


51914 & 59387 on the left at Lydney Junction, with 2-car set 50619 & 56492 on the right during Railcar Day, the debut into traffic of 59387, 16/6/12. Alan Pace


50619/56492 at Lydney Junction, 23/7/11. Griffin-Images


50619 at Lydney Junction, 5/4/10. Dean Forest DMU Group


50619 with a smart corridor connection weather protector fitted at Norchard, 10/5/09. David Beardmore


50619 undergoing a repaint at Norchard, 27/9/08. Roger Budd


50619 on the back of a 3-car formation at parkend, 15/7/07. Rob Phillips


50619 stabled at Norchard, 7/5/07. Daniel Adkins


50619 at Parkend, 3/12/03.Dean Forest DMU Group


Stabled at Norchard.FreeFoto


50619 at Lydney during the 1st Annual DMU Convention, 29/6/96. Stuart Mackay


Repainted into BR Green with 56492 at Norchard, 28/5/94.Dean Forest DMU Group


The vehicle in it's early days on the line. Jim Poor


Still in BR Blue/Grey livery, shortly after arrival, 1992.Dean Forest DMU Group




E50619's main passenger saloon, 22/7/15. Andy Miles


Refurbished components being fitted to the cab of 50619, 28/3/15. Chris Walker