50933 Class 108 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Severn Valley Railway

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Peak Rail 93-08

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Severn Valley Railway


Severn Valley Railway 08-Present

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BR Green (Speed Whiskers)



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DMU Group West Midlands






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11 November 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
50933 was preserved by a private individual in 1993 and moved to Peak Rail. The fleet consisted of four sets (three 2-cars and a 3-car) and 50933 was the DMBS in the 3-car set, along with (now unique) TSL 59387 and DMCL 51566. It is believed that the 3-car set was the only set to run in passenger service at Peak Rail.

50933 was repainted into BR Green livery in 2002, although the other two vehicles in the set remained in as withdrawn BR Blue/Grey.

In 2008, the Peak Rail fleet was quickly sold and disbanded, the three car set being purchased by the Dean Forest DMU Group. However, with two already restored DMBS vehicles already at the DFR, 50933 was effectively surplus to requirements. At around the same time, the DMU Group West Midlands lost DMBS 51935 to an arson attack, and arrangements were made for 50933 to move to the SVR on loan, (to cover for 51935), the vehicle moving in 2008.

After 51935 was confirmed as beyond economic repair, 50933 was sold to DMU Group West Midlands and became a permanant resident at the SVR. Much mechanical overhauling was then undertaken before 50933 entered regular service in July 2009.

Between August and October 2010, 50933 was in Bewdley carriage workshop for extensive renovation work. This included internal changes within the Guards van area for the conveyance of wheelchair passengers and bodywork repairs around the cab end. The vehicle was also repainted and then relaunched into passenger service. During this period of work the western region style hi intensity headlight was removed and replaced with a conventional example to match the rest of the SVR fleet, the (historically incorrect for green livery) M53933 number was also changed to M50933.

In Spring 2014, a recon injector pump and injectors were fitted to 50933.

Future Plans
To maintain in service


M50933/M56208 taking part in a photo charter at Arley, 29/9/17. Mark Miller


M50933 leads all five of the SVR's DMU vehicles near Kidderminster, 2016. Kenny Felstead


M50933 brings up the rear of a 4-car set at Bewdley, 2/4/15. Kevin Gale


M50933 passes a visiting Class 37 at Bewdley during the diesel gala, 10/14. DMU Group (West Midlands)


M50933/NE59250/M52064 pause in the loop at Highley, 11/13. DMU Group (West Midlands)


M50933, M56208, M52064, NE59250 & M51941 stabled at Bewdley, 8/5/12. Dave East


M50933 at Bridgnorth during the 2010 Railcar Convention, 8/10/10. Chris Moxon


M50933 crosses 150001at Arley during the 2010 Railcar Convention, 8/10/10. Chris Moxon


M50933 at Bewdley during the 2010 Railcar Convention, 8/10/10. Chris Moxon


M50933 at Bewdley during the 2010 Railcar Convention, 7/10/10. Chris Moxon


M50933 at Bewdley during the 2010 Railcar Convention, 7/10/10. Chris Moxon


M53933 stabled at Bewdley, 10/10/09. David Beardmore


M53933 & 51566 stabled at Rowsley South, 18/6/06. Andy Cole


M53933 at Rowsley, 24/4/05. Brian Battersby


M53933 & 51566 at Rowsley South, 19/9/04. Simon Edwards


53933 is undergoing repainting in this view taken in the carriage shed at Rowsley on Peak Rail, 10/6/02. Stuart Mackay


53933 still in BR Blue/Grey livery, at Peak Rail, Ian Francis