56208 Class 108 Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory

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Severn Valley Railway

Location History

Caerphilly Railway Centre Jun 94-Dec 96

Current Location

Severn Valley Railway


Severn Valley RailwayDec 96-Present

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Current Livery

BR Green (Speed Whiskers)

Visited Railways

Peak Rail (Contract Overhaul): Apr 15-Jun 15

TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)

50933 or 51941




DMU Group West Midlands






Record Last Updated

11 November 2018


Preservation Modifications
A buffet counter to enable the sale of drinks plus hot and cold light snacks has been fitted to the rear saloon.

Preservation Information
56208 was withdrawn from BR service in March 1993 and was initially preserved at the Caerphilly Railway Centre where presumably it was intended for use as loco hauled stock.

However following the closure of the centre, it was transferred to DMU Group West Midlands, 56208 moving to their base at the Severn Valley Railway in December 1996. The vehicle was the last of five Class 108 vehicles to be aquired, and enabled the group to form two operating sets, one 2-car and one 3-car set. Due to 56208 being a trailer car, it is almost always formed in the 2-car set, although it can run with either of the group's (DMBS) powercars. The vehicle was repainted into BR green and entered service in July 1997.

In 2004, 56208 participated in the very successful Railcar50 event, operating as a 5-car Class 108 which included all of the SVR 108 vehicles. The highlight was a 12 car special which was the longest DMU formation ever to operate in preservation.

In 2007 56208  went into Kidderminster carriage works for a C3 overhaul.

In 2009, the driving cab of 56208 was given a through clean and a fresh coat of paint. The corridor end received repairs. A bespoke buffet counter to enable the sale of drinks plus hot and cold light snacks was also designed, manufactured and fitted to the vehicle.

In 2010, the first class saloon was partially refurbished.

56208 was treated to a new set of batteries during 2014.

April 2015 saw 56208 moved to Peak Rail for contract bodywork and a repaint, the vehicle returning to the SVR just two months later.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


M56208/M50933 taking part in a photo charter at Arley, 29/9/17. Kevin Gale


M56208, fresh from repainting, leads a 4-car formation out of Bewdley, 25/6/16. Tony Carwithen


M56208 on the Rock Siding at Bewdley, 17/11/15. Kevin Gale


M56208 after being rubbed down at Rowsley, 19/4/15. Paul Moxon


M56208 being transported to Peak Rail for contract overhaul, 16/4/15. Kevin Gale


56208 leads a 4-car formation into Bewdley, 2/4/15. Kevin Gale


56208 stabled at Bewdley during the diesel gala, 6/10/12. Chris Moxon


56208 at Bridgnorth during the 2010 Railcar Convention Fish & Chip Special, 9/10/10. Chris Moxon


56208 at Bewdley during the 2010 Railcar Convention, 7/10/10. Chris Moxon


56208 stabled at Bewdley, 10/10/09. David Beardmore


56208 & 52064 at Highley, 25/4/08. Simon Edwards


At Bewdley during the Railcar50 event, 14/10/04. Stuart Mackay


56208 & 51935 at Highley, 2/10/04. Simon Edwards


At Bewdley, 5/10/02. Simon Jones


56208 on the Severn Valley Railway, 14/4/00. Stuart Mackay




Cab top rail corrosion, 8/5/15. Trevor Daw


The dome removed to attend to corrosion of the cab front, 8/5/15. Trevor Daw


Thought to be the bar in 56208, 13/2/10. Rob Phillips