52060 Class 108 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory (Scrapped)

Last Location

Great Central Railway (North)

Location History

Great Central Railway (North) ?-05

Current Status

Scrapped at Great Central Railway (North) 2005



Last Livery

BR Blue & Grey



Partner Vehicle(s)


Record Last Updated

9 September 2011

Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
52060 was latterly a departmental vehicle (977813) and it is presumed that the vehicle was bought for preservation in the early 1990's (in common with most Class 108 vehicles) and moved to the Great Central Railway (North).

Never used, the vehicle was slowly being stripped as a source of spare parts and spent most of its time under tarpaulins before being the victim of an arson attack in 2004.

The vehicle was destroyed and the remains were disposed of in 2005. 52060 had little historical significance and many Class 108 DMCL vehicles still survive, the class being one of the most numerous in preservation.


The sorry remains of 52060, now with the cab cut off, 23/2/05. Stuart Mackay