51933 Class 108 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Llangollen Railway

Location History

Peak Rail 93-97

Current Location

Llangollen Railway


Swanage Railway 97-Jan 19

Current Status



Llangollen RailwayJan 19-Present

Current Livery

BR Green (Half Yellow Panel)


TRA Designation


Visited Railways

Eastleigh Works (Contract Overhaul) Jan 10-Jul 10

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Eastleigh Works (Contract Overhaul) Mar 14-Feb 15








Record Last Updated

1 February 2019


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51933 (and partner 56504) are believed to have been preserved in the early 1990's as part of a bulk buy of nine Class 108 vehicles (four sets). The sets were based at the owning group's headquarters at Peak Rail, however 51933/56504 were placed on long term loan to the Swanage Railway in Dorset in 1997.

After arriving at Swanage 51933 was painted green and entered traffic operating off-peak services at the line. This involved use both in the low season when steam wasn't viable and as a second train during the mid season. During the high summer, 51933 was used on an unusual (for a preserved line) Friday/Saturday night shuttle trains which operated between 6pm and midnight! This ideal regular running all year round enabled the set to operate for many years reliably.

In 2008 the original Peak Rail "empire" was broken up and all original vehicles sold on to new owners. This included 51933/56504 but the change in circumstance affected these vehicles less than the sets at Peak Rail, because as 51933 was already on loan, the vehicle was simply sold to the hirer and the set continued in service at Swanage until poor condition resulted in the vehicle being stored in 2009 awaiting overhaul.

In 2010, with 51933 now owned by the railway, the decision was taken to fully overhaul the vehicle to ensure its operational future on the line. This was done on a contract basis between January and July. Interestingly, 51933 was hauled to Eastleigh Works from Swanage by rail, but due to problems had to return by road. The overhaul consisted of a full external, internal and mechanical refresh which included a bodyside and roof repaint, engine repairs and reupholstered seating amongst other work.

Between 2010 & 2014, 51933/56504 returned to its role as one of the primary operating sets on the Swanage Railway.

In March 2014, 51933 was moved by rail once again to Eastleigh Works for a second overahul on a contract basis. The vehicle returned early the following year and re-entered service at Swanage.

By 2018, 51933/56504 had been declared surplus to requirements by the Swanage Railway who, citing a shortage of space on the railway, felt that their Class 117 and Class 121 sets would be able to handle all services once they had been returned from Eastleigh where they had been receiving overhaul work to return them to mainline operating condition. 51933/56504 were consequently put up for sale and remained on the market for some time, continuing the operate Swanage Railway services.

By early 2019 the set had found a private buyer who gave custody to the Llangollen Railcar Group. 51933 moved to its new home at the Llangollen Railway shortly afterwards and was immediately prepared for service.

51933/56504 now operate as part of the Llangollen Railcars fleet under a long term custodianship agreement.

Future Plans
To maintain in service


51933 being unloaded at Llangollen having made its journey north from Swanage, 29/1/19. Ifan Huws


51933 & 56504 in service near Corfe Castle, 11/5/12. Darren Harris


51933 at the end of the stock sidings at Harman's Cross. By this time the vehicle was out of traffic after many years service awaiting dispatch for overhaul at Eastleigh Works, 27/10/09. Chris Moxon


51933 & 56504 stabled at Swanage, 4/5/09. David Beardmore


51933 & 56504 in service at Swanage, 17/7/08. Steve Makin


51933 being cleaned at Swanage, 10/11/02. Chris Walker