59245 Class 108 Trailer Brake Second Lavatory

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Private Site: BSC Scunthorpe

Location History

Private Site: BSC Scunthorpe Jul 90-Present

Current Location

Private Site: BSC Scunthorpe



Current Status

Operational (Hauled Stock)



Current Livery

Non Standard Carmine & Cream



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)





Appleby-Frodingham Railway Preservation Society






Record Last Updated

15 March 2013


Preservation Modifications
One corridor connection has been blanked off and a window installed. Interior modifications include the removal of the cage in the brake compartment and the installation of bench seating. It is reported that the vehicle is being rebuilt as an observation car.

Preservation Information
59245 was preserved in 1990 specifically to be used as a hauled observation coach, and has consequently never operated as a DMU in preservation. It entered service in the summer of 1991.

However it has remained in service as a hauled coach and currently carries a smart Carmine & Cream colour scheme, usually associated with coaching stock.

59245, along with partner 56207, has been the "main" passenger stock of the Appleby-Frodingham Railway Preservation Society, which opeate tours around trhe Scunthorpe Steel Works. Although listed as a private site, the tours are designed for the public and are pre-bookable via their website. They run at regular intervals, usually during weekends, throughout the summer hauled by one of the preserved industrial locomotives in the society's collection.

Future Plans
To mainatin in service


59245 and 56207 in service, 26/11/12. Q47541M


59245 being hauled by a Class 20, 30/4/06. Peter Wreford