51567 Class 108 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

Home Railway

Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

Location History

Peak Rail ?-08

Current Location

Ecclesbourne Valley Railway


Midland Railway Butterley 08-Jul 16

Current Status



Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Jul 16-Present

Current Livery

BR Blue & Grey



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)





Derby Lightweight Preservation Group & M Evans






Record Last Updated

20 July 2016


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51567 was preserved at Peak Rail in the early 1990's as a 2-car set with partner 50627 and two other Class 108 units. 51567 was regarded as one of the poorest of thePeak Rail fleet so it would appear that the vehicle was put into immediate storage without seeing any passenger usage.

51567 remained in store whilst atPeak Rail, awaiting its turn in a restoration queue.

In 2008 disbanding and disposal of the entire Peak Rail Class 108 fleet was undertaken. 51567 was split from its partner (50627), sold into private ownership and moved to the Midland Railway Butterley as a spares vehicle.

51567 lead an uneventful existence at the Midland Railway Butterley,where it was stripped of some of its components to aid the restorations of the unique Derby Lightweight 2-car set and other vehicles on the nearby Ecclesbourne Valley Railway. The vehicle was made watertight to ensure it remained useful as a stores vehicle.

After the Derby Lightweight 2-car set was moved to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway for work to continue, 51567 was required there to continue to assist with the former's restoration. 51567 was duly moved in July 2016.

51567 is now in storage at the EVR where it acts as a parts donor and support vehicle for the Derby Lightweight restoration project.

Future Plans
It has been stated that the vehicle remains only as a stores vehicle and that there are no plans for any future restoration work or return to service.


51567 is loaded ionto its transport at Butterley, the start of its short journey to Wirksworth, 20/7/16. Ben Field


977854 still in use as a stores vehicle at Butterley, 14/7/12. Chris Moxon


51567 is seen up against the buffers outside Butterley carriage sheds, now in use as a stores vehicle, Janaury 2009.Eddie Knorn


51567 stored at Peak Rail under a sheet. It is believed the vehicle never ran whilst at Peak Rail, 11/5/08. Chris Moxon