59389 Class 108 Trailer Lavatory (Scrapped)

Last Location

Great Central Railway (North)

Location History

Cholsey & Wallingford Railway 95-97

Current Status



Great Central Railway (North) 97-?

Last Livery

BR Blue & Grey



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Record Last Updated

17 January 2017


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
59389 was latterly a departmental vehicle and internal user at Tyseley (024949) before being bought for preservation, located first at the Cholsey & Wallingford Railway and later moved to the Great Central Railway (North).

The vehicle was bought as a grounded body. All the underframe equipment had already been burned off so the vehicle was never a viable restoration project. It was stripped of remaining parts and dismantled at the Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre, Ruddington.

The "rare" end of the vehicle (that would be the cab had it been a driving trailer) was saved, with the option of turning one of the DMCLs into a TCL. However it is not currently known if this end still survives.

Although the Class 108 is one of the most common type of DMU in preservation, 59389 was one of only two Trailer Second's to see "preservation", so its departure left 59387 as a unique example. However it should be stressed that the extremely poor and incomplete condition of the vehicle inevitably meant that spares recovery was the only viable option, indeed its very purchase was on that basis.


The surviving remains of 59389 at Ruddington, 20/7/01. Stuart Mackay


Although not a preservation image so strictly speaking inappropriate for these galleries, it has been included to illustrate the vehicle's condition upon entry into "preservation", and depicts 59387 as a stripped internal user vehicle at Tyseley. This has been included in the absence of any known images of the vehicle at the GCR(N) before cutting up, 27/5/95. David McGuire