51663 Class 115 Driving Motor Brake Second (Underframe Only)

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West Somerset Railway

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West Somerset RailwayApr 93-Present

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West Somerset Railway



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Stored - Underframe Only




West Somerset Railway






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1 July 2014


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Preservation Information
51663 was preserved by the West Somerset Railway in 1995 for use on off peak services. The railway had previously run an interesting variety of different DMU sets but wished to standardise on maintenance, so aquired five Class 115 powercars along with several trailer cars as a direct replacement for the earlier sets.

51663 was repainted into green, but is not known if 51663 operated as a second Class 115 set to support the railway's main 3-car set (it possibly worked with 51852 which was also repainted green).

During the late 1990's the vehicle was withdrawn for a heavy overhaul which was to be undertaken in the workshops at Williton. However the work was later abandoned and the body of the vehicle was scrapped.

The underframe survives however, presumably as a mechanical source of spare parts.

Future Plans


51663 still surviving as an underframe, seen in storage in the long siding between Dunster and Minehead, 4/9/10. Chris Moxon


51663 stored at Dunster, 4/10/09. Bill Pugsley


51663 undergoing heavy restoration in the Swindon shed at Williton on the West Somerset Railway, 2/10/99. Stuart Mackay


51663 at Minehead, 6/8/96. Tony Willmore


51663 in multiple with Class 105 51485/56121 at Crowcombe Heathfield, 3/10/94. Andy ?