59503 Class 117 Trailer Second (Ex Composite Lavatory)

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Paignton & Dartmouth Railway

Location History

Paignton & Dartmouth Railway Jan 94-Present

Current Location

Paignton & Dartmouth Railway



Current Status

Operational (Hauled Stock)



Current Livery

Non Standard Chocolate & Cream



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)

59003, 59004, 59494, 59507, 59513 & 59517




Dart Valley Railway plc






Record Last Updated

15 November 2014


Preservation Modifications
Several preservation modifications have been made to 59503, including the fitting of public address, additional plates to the corridor ends to allow coupling to Mark 1 coaching stock, the replacement of 1st class seating and the toilet area with second class seating (new capacity: 89 second), replacement of seating in one end with an open buggy/luggage area and non authentic upholstery. The vehicle carries the name "Nina".

Preservation Information
It is not known when 59503 was preserved although it is thought it would be during the mid 1990’s when many Class 117 centre cars entered preservation.

The vehicle remained stored as it required overhauling before bing put into passenger service. It was painted all over black to keep the exterior presentable.

As DMU suburban vehicles are externally similar to older Great Western loco hauled vehicles, but with much lower maintenance, 59503 was eventually overhaulled to join many other suburban centre cars forming a GWR style rake of loco hauled coaching stock.

59503 entered service in 2006, the vehicle having been painted in a non authentic GWR chocolate & cream livery to further suit the GWR carriage role.

Its importance in the line's day to day operations has ensured the vehicle's wellbeing, and investment has been made to enable the vehicles continued operation in preservation. So it is thought that the future is secure for the vehicle.

Future Plans


59503, stored at Kingswear. 59503 has now received a repaint, 27/6/06. David Beardmore


59503, still in Network SouthEast livery, stored at Kingswear, 26/5/01. Robert Frise