51381 Class 117 Driving Motor Second

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Mangapps Railway Museum?-Present

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Mangapps Railway Museum



Current Status

Operational (Hauled Stock)



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BR Green (Half Yellow Panel)



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Record Last Updated

9 December 2015


Preservation Modifications
The engines have been removed.

Preservation Information
51381 was preserved by Pressed Steel Heritage, as part of their aim to obtain an authentic Class 121 DTS vehicle as a historically accurate partner for their Class 121 DMBS, 55033.

Class 121 DTS 56287 (at the time one of only three survivors) was already in use at the Mangapps Farm Railway, as a loco hauled passenger carriage for industrial shunters to haul. In a move applauded by railcar historians, the rare 121 DTS was swapped for the far more common 117 DMS 51381. Externally the vehicles were almost identical.

As 51381 was only required as a passenger carriage, some mechanical components such as the engines were removed. The vehicle was repainted into green with half yellow warning panels, although it is only lined on the passenger platform side.

It has operated as a loco hauled control trailer ever since, and sees regular use during the tourist season.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


W51381 stabled in the sidings at Mangapps, not required for the Easter Weekend services, 4/4/15. Chris Moxon


A view of the unlined non-platform side of W51381 whilst performing its usual role as loco hauled stock, 2014. Reg Vardy


W51381 stabled alongside 33202, 25/8/13. Stephen Hughes


W51381 stabled, 30/8/09. Stephen Hughes


W51381 in use at Mangapps, 21/6/09. David Beardmore


W51381's at Mangapps, 30/7/08. Amy Adams


Class 117 W51381 at Mangapps Farm, in this picture it looks rather like a whole coach load of commuters has just left the train! 23/11/07. Robert Chilton


Class 117 W51381 at Mangapps Farm, 23/11/07. Robert Chilton


W51381 ijn service at Mangapps, 30/8/06. Andy Cole


W51381 in use at Mangapps, 29/5/04. David McGuire




A cab view of W51381, 4/4/15. Chris Moxon


A cab view of W51381, 4/4/15. Chris Moxon


W51381's front passenger saloon, 4/4/15. Chris Moxon


W51381's middle passenger saloon, 4/4/15. Chris Moxon


W51381's rear passenger saloon, 4/4/15. Chris Moxon