Epping & Ongar Railway

The Epping & Ongar Railway is the closest heritage railway to the UK’s capital city. It is located in Essex countryside, and is the final fw miles of a Greeat Eastern Railway line which later became London Underground’s Central Line. Tube stock still operates up to Epping, with the final stretch to Ongar having closed as late as 1994.

The railway has played host to a single DMU set for many years. Originally having a Class 115, this was swapped for a Class 117 in 1999.

The railway operated passenger trains between 2004 and 2007, with the majority of services DMU operated. However since then, the line has been closed for redevelopment work, although it is still planned to use the DMU (alongside locomotives) when the revitalised line reopens.

51342 Class 117 DMBS
51384 Class 117 DMS
56287 Class 121 DTS