51384 Class 117 Driving Motor Second

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Epping & Ongar Railway

Location History

Lavender Line Jul 94-96

Current Location

Epping & Ongar Railway


Private Site: Snetterton 96-99

Current Status



Epping & Ongar Railway 99-Present

Current Livery

BR Green (Speed Whiskers)



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)





Epping & Ongar Railway






Record Last Updated

13 October 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51384 was withdrawn in December 1993 and preserved on the Lavender Line the following year as a 3-car set with 59511 & 51342. However the vehicle did not stay long and it is not known if the vehicle ever operated whilst at the Lavender Line.

51384 was moved with partner 51342 to Snetterton for storage prior to a planned move to the Mid Norfolk Railway. However this did not happen and the two vehicles moved to the embryonic Epping & Ongar Railway three years later.

Whilst there, 51384 saw some use, the lack of run round facilities making the DMU set ideal for passenger services. 51384 was first repainted into a non authentic “Epping & Ongar” red livery in 2000.

In 2002, the vehicle was repainted into lined blue, another non-authentic livery with Epping & Ongar branding.

Between 2004 and 2007 51384 & 51342 were used on passenger shuttles along the line during weekends.

2007 saw the vehicles fall out of use after the Epping & Ongar Railway closed for redevelopment, the line also saw a change of ownership during the period. During this period of closure, 51384 & 51342 have been taken out of traffic to be restored to original condition. 51384 was returned to BR Green livery on one side, while work also progressed on the interior. The railway re-opened for passenger services in 2012 using loco hauled trains, and 51384's restoration continued.

By 2013, the interior was approaching completion with new panelling installed, ceilings repaired, new reupholstered seating fitted and the cab refurbished.

During 2015, the roof was cleaned up and repainted.

By 2016, the sides had been rubbed down and during the summer its repaint into BR Green was completed. 51384 then entered service as hauled stock at the line's Steam Gala.

In early 2017 the Colne Valley Railway based Class 121 trailer 56287 was hired as a temporary partner to 51384 so that DMU services could be introduced whilst the restoration of 51384's long term partner was completed.

Future Plans
To maintain in service. It is expected that 51384 will be reformed with 51342 once the latter's restoration is completed.


51384/W56287 are about to depart North Weald for Epping Forest passing a Class 31 which is waiting to head to Ongar, 7/10/18. Chris Moxon


51384/W56287 on a driver experience working at Ongar, 5/10/18. Chris Moxon


51384/56287 arrives into Ongar on driver training runs prior to the unit's entry into passenger service, 1/3/17. Epping Ongar Railway


The roof of 51384 freshly completed, 8/1/16. David Hunnikin


Roof restoration in progress, 17/12/15. Colin Dye


The exterior restoration of 51384 will progress quicker after being accommodated indoors, 1/10/15. Colin Dye


Restoration continues, 14/3/14. Epping Ongar Railway


51384 undergoing restoration work at North Weald, 7/10/11. David Beardmore


Door card fitting, 2/11. Epping Ongar Railway


51384 stored at Ongar during the period when the line was closed and the vehicle out of traffic. Stuart Mackay


51384 & 51342 in service at Ongar, 2/1/05. Michael Wadman




View of the cab, drivers side, 5/10/18. Chris Moxon


View of the cab, secondmans side, 5/10/18. Chris Moxon


View of the front passenger saloon, 5/10/18. Chris Moxon


View of the middle passenger saloon, 5/10/18. Chris Moxon


View of the rear passenger saloon, 5/10/18. Chris Moxon


Reuphostered seating protected, 14/3/14. Epping Ongar Railway


Refurbished driving cab, 11/13. Epping Ongar Railway


Fully refurbished driver's seat ready for fitting, 10/13. Epping Ongar Railway


Freshly reupholstered seating fitted, 8/13. Epping Ongar Railway


Restoring interior window surrounds, 10/10. Epping Ongar Railway