59488 Class 117 Trailer Composite Lavatory

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Paignton & Dartmouth Railway

Location History

Paignton & Dartmouth Railway Apr 94-Present

Current Location

Paignton & Dartmouth Railway



Current Status

Statis Display



Current Livery

Non Standard Light Green & Cream



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)





Dart Valley Railway plc






Record Last Updated

15 March 2013


Preservation Modifications
Heavily modified internally, few original fittings survive. The coach was gutted in 2008 and the interior rebuilt as a “time travel” visitor centre, with only the ceiling and strip lighting remaining in original configuration. A polished wooden floor and full height display boards line the interior, with the doors/windows hidden behind. Previous modifications include as Santa’s Grotto.

Preservation Information
It is not known when 59488 was preserved although it is thought it would be during the mid 1990’s when many Class 117 centre cars entered preservation.

59488 never operated in passenger service, instead being stripped out internally and used as a vehicle for Santa’s Grotto. The vehicle received an all over black livery for this role.

In 2008, the vehicle was converted again, and was rebuilt as a “time travel” static exhibition coach, stabled under the overall station canopy at Kingswear. The vehicle’s interior was completely refitted for this role, with all of the side doors/windows being boarded over, and the exterior was finished off in a non authentic light green and cream livery.

The coach remains in use as a visitor centre.

Future Plans
To maintain as a visitor centre


59488 on static display under the overall roof at Kingswear, having been converted into the "time travel" visitor centre, 10/8/10. David McGuire


59488 & 59503, stored at Kingswear. 59488 has now received a repaint, 17/8/02. David McGuire


59488 & 59503, still in Network SouthEast livery, stored at Kingswear, 17/8/99. David McGuire