51372 Class 117 Driving Motor Brake Second

Home Railway

Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway

Location History

Chasewater Railway 94-09

Current Location

Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway


Private Site: Titley Junction 09-Jul 17

Current Status



Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Jul 17-Present

Current Livery

BR Blue (Full Yellow End)



Partner Vehicle(s)





Cotswold Diesel Railcar Ltd






Record Last Updated

3 April 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51372 was preserved on the Chasewater Railway soon after its withdrawal in January 1994, to act as a locomotive hauled control trailer vehicle. For this reason, the vehicle has never been “in the limelight” and its history is therefore quite illusive.

By 1995 the vehicle was in passenger service as a hauled coach painted in a non standard maroon & cream colour scheme. Being a relatively short line, the ability of 51372’s many doors to load and unload passengers very quickly was much appreciated by the railway.

At some point in the early 2000's the vehicle was repainted into BR Blue with full yellow ends and continued to be used as a hauled vehicle. However the extending of the Chasewater Railway and introduction of run round loops meant that the requirement for 51372 was diminishing.

In July 2003 the vehicle was put on display during the Annual Railcar Convention.

Over the next five years 51372 continued to see occasional use in the line's passenger train as locomotive hauled coaching stock.

Deemed surplus to requirements in 2009, 51372 was sold and moved onto a private site at Titley Junction where the station area was being brought back into use under the title “The Kingfisher Line”. The site was not normally open to the public except on selected open days and was essentially a private project.

There appears to be no evidence that 51370 ever operated in passenger service at Titley Junction and after several years it was confirmed that 51372 was indeed out of use and in storage.

2017 saw 51372 sold to Cotswold Diesel Railcar Ltd and was moved to the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway shortly afterwards, becoming the fifth Class 117 vehicle to arrive on the railway.

51372 is currently being assessed by its new owners with a view to deciding its future.

Future Plans
It is not currently known if the vehicle will be restored at the GWSR or if it will be stripped for salvagable spare parts.


W51372 stored at Toddington, 24/3/18. Chris Walker


W51372 soon after being unloaded at Toddington following its recent sale and movement to the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, 25/7/17. GWSR DMU Group


51372 stabled at Brownhills West, 15/6/08. David Beardmore


51372 stabled at Brownhills West, 22/7/07. Kevin Boyd


51372 in use as a hauled coach on the Chasewater Railway, 16/9/06. Richard Moxon


51372 in use as a hauled coach at Brownhills West, 16/9/06. Richard Moxon


51372 at Brownhills West, 15/5/04.


At Brownhills West with 59444 behind during the 2003 Railcar Convention, 12/7/03. Paul Moxon


At Brownhills West with 59444 behind during the 2003 Railcar Convention, 12/7/03. Steve Hodgson


With 59444 during the 2003 Railcar Convention, 12/7/03. Ian Francis


51372 stabled on the Chasewater Railway, 2/2/99. Stuart Mackay


Thought to be 51372, 1995. John Law