51360 Class 117 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

Location History

Crewe Brook Sidings Feb 94-Aug 99

Current Location

Ecclesbourne Valley Railway


Mid Norfolk Railway Aug 99-Mar 04

Current Status



Ecclesbourne Valley RailwayMar 04-Sep 13

Current Livery

BR Blue (Full Yellow End)


Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Sep 13-Present

TRA Designation



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Visited Railways

East Lancashire Railway


Cotswold Diesel Railcar Ltd






Record Last Updated

3 April 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51360 was withdrawn in September 1993 and originally preserved by Pete Waterman as a 3-car set with TCL 59490 & DMS 51402. The set in "as withdrawn" condition was stored at his site in Crewe but did make a visit to an East Lancashire Railway at some point in the 1990's.

However the 3-car set was disbanded in 1999 with all three receiving new homes.

51360 was moved to the Mid Norfolk Railway, purchased by Railcar Enterprises to be a much needed brake vehicle in the line's 108 set, which had been operating in DMCL-DTCL fomation (with no brake van).

51360 was later relocated to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway in 2004 where it became the second DMU vehicle to arrive on the line.

Re-launched into passenger service in May 2005, various restoration tasks have been completed between running, although a proper interior refurbishment will be required in the future.

The roof, cab, chassis and guards van were repainted in 2009.

In July 2011, the vehicle was revarnished.

In 2013 the owner decided to sell the vehicle, which was bought quickly and relocated to the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway in the autumn. On arrival, several outstanding tasks were undertaken, and the vehicle received engine repairs in Spring 2014 followed by interior stripping out to enable restoration work to take place.

In August 2015, the vehicle was taken into the shed at Wincombe Carriage & Wagon Works for overhaul, as it had not received any major work for several years. One of the first tasks involved removing the 1980's wall coverings from the bulkheads which revealed original Formica under the glue in good condition. The seat frames were also prepared for repainting. On the exterior, some localised areas of corrosion and filler cracking were attended to followed by repairs to the cab front including removal of the 1990's headlight. The process of sanding down the bodysides was sarted with the white logos/numbers being the first to go.

September saw more sanding/filling work, particularly to the cab end which also saw work done to the fibreglass headcode box to remove the blanking plate so glass could be fitted again in the future. The guards doors and surrounding areas required much in the way of steelwork repairs to allow then to open/close again properly. Work progressed enough for undercoat paint to start being applied to various areas. Patches on the roof were cleaned up and the whole roof then sanded down. On the interior, the first seat frames were painted (gloss black).

During October the long process of bodyside sanding continued to progress, the rate of progress beng increased after the vehicle was relocated into the railway's paintshop. Several doors which were sticking shut received remedial attention, and many door edges had to be replaced as some were rotten beyond repair. New flooring was fitted to the interior and the insides of the doors had their old stickers/notices removed prior to repainting. The interior wooden window frames were sanded back and varnished. Work to repair the guards doors also continued and the ceilings in the guards compartment were repainted.

November saw undercoat applied to the exterior, along with further prep work and filling. On the interior, repainting of the seat frames was completed whilst some of the rusty bodyside supporting framework was repainted. The areas above the luggage racks were cleaned down and repainted., as was the interior of the guards van.

During December, the gloss painting was undertaken with the vehicle being transformed into fresh Rail Blue with yellow cab front. The solebar was repainted in black and the step boards replaced. The cab interior and ceiling was also repainted transforming its appearance. The luggage racks were cleaned and refitted into position.

51360 currently operates as a spare power car and can be found substituting for any vehicle in the railway's DMU fleet as required.

Future Plans
To maintain in service as a spare power car. Longer term, 51360 is to be paired with Class 107 52029.


W51360, currently substituting for W51405, in service at Toddington, 10/3/18. Dave Henwood


W51360 freshly outshopped, 5/1/16. Neil Carr


The final sections of blue being applied, 10/12/15. GWSR Carriage & Wagon


The cab end in top coat, 29/11/15. GWSR Carriage & Wagon


The first of the blue gloss is applied, 7/11/15. GWSR Carriage & Wagon


The cab end now in undercoat, 22/10/15. Neil Carr


Sanding down the bodysides, 2/10/15. GWSR Carriage & Wagon


The front end after the headlight had been removed, 1/9/15. GWSR Carriage & Wagon


51360 on arrival in the C&W workshops, 22/8/15. GWSR Carriage & Wagon


W51360/E59303/E50170 stabled at Wirksworth, 1/8/13. Frank Richards


W51360 seen stabled at Wirkswiorth on an Easter Monday, not required for that day's duties. At the time, the vehicle was formed with Class 101's E59303 & E50170, 1/4/13. Chris Moxon


W51360 seen stabled outside the shed at Wirksworth, 16/5/12. Nigel Gould


Corridor view of W51360 seen stabled outside the shed at Wirksworth, 16/5/12. Nigel Gould


51360 leads a Santa Special at Wirksworth. The vehicle, paired with 50599 is particularly suited to these duties due to the large brake vans used for the presents/refreshments etc, 9/12/11.Leigh Gration


W51360 at Wirksworth having been revarnished, 12/7/11. Leigh Gration


Stabled at Wirksworth during the 2009 Railcar Convention, 3/10/09. Chris Moxon


Closed, for the time being: a view of the remaining section of the EVR branch south of Idridgehay, which was as far as 51360 was running during the 2009 Railcar Convention, 3/10/09. Chris Moxon


Departing Idridgehay during the 2009 Railcar Convention, 3/10/09. Chris Moxon


Arriving into Idridgehay during the 2009 Railcar Convention, 3/10/09. Chris Moxon


Working with Class 122 55006, 30/11/08. Leigh Graton


51360 stabled at Wirksworth, 23/1/05. Leigh Gration


51360 undergoing restoration work at Dereham, 23/3/03. David Beardmore


51360 under restoration at Dereham. Martin Reeve


At the Mid Norfolk Railway, 16/9/01. Paul Moxon


At the June 1994 East Lancs Railway Diesel Event, 51360 leads 59490, 51402 and 977842 (55032). Bill Read




Brake van view of W51360, 10/3/18. Dave Henwood


Cleaned up Formica at the rear of the vehicle, 19/12/15. GWSR Carriage & Wagon


Painting the new guards van ceilings, 1/12/15. GWSR Carriage & Wagon


Door interiors being repainted, 29/11/15. GWSR Carriage & Wagon


Repainted seat frames, 1/9/15. GWSR Carriage & Wagon


Removing old glue to reveal original Formica below, 25/8/15. GWSR Carriage & Wagon


A view of the new floor covering, 22/8/15. GWSR Carriage & Wagon


W51360's cab, drivers side, 1/4/13. Chris Moxon


W51360's cab, secondmans side, 1/4/13. Chris Moxon


W51360's guards van, 1/4/13. Chris Moxon


A new piece has been put into 51360's cab desk following repairs to the handbrake mechanism, 23/2/12. Leigh Gration


The view from the front salon of 51360, 3/7/11. Tony Hosking


View of the front saloon during the 2009 Railcar Convention, 3/10/09. Chris Moxon


View of the middle saloon during the 2009 Railcar Convention, 3/10/09. Chris Moxon


View of the guards van area during the 2009 Railcar Convention, 3/10/09. Chris Moxon