59516 Class 117 Trailer Composite Lavatory (Scrapped)

Last Location

Swanage Railway

Location History

North Norfolk Railway Apr 94-Oct 04

Current Status

Scrapped Mar 11


Swanage Railway Oct 04-Mar 11

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Record Last Updated

1 January 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Withdrawn from British Rail service in January 1994, 59516 was preserved in 1994 along with DMBS 51346 & DMS 51388in 1994. It is unclear if the set spent some time at the Mid Norfolk Railway (County School) before moving to the NNR or not.

Restoration work focused on the powercars, and 59516 was set aside at Sheringham as a future project.

Limited restoration work was undertaken in 1996 after the powercars were returned to service. The vehicle progressed in 1997 but was restoration then stalled with the vehicle returning to store. This restoration never re-started, and 59516 was offered for sale in unrestored condition several years later when the powercars were also moved on.

59516 was moved in 2004, following the powercars which had moved the previous year. The vehicle was stored at Eldon's sidings awaiting restoration.

In 2007 the vehicle was replaced by TCL 59486 in the railway's future plans, as the latter was in superior condition. Consequently, 59516 was offered for sale.

Three years on, no buyer had been found, so it was decided to scrap 59516. Cutting was completed by March 2011, and the vehicle surrendered parts for the restoration of other vehicles, including examples of the Swanage Railway's historic coaching stock collection.

59516 had little historical significance and several Class 117 TCLs still survive, the class being one of the most numerous in preservation.


Some of the final remains of 59516 on the Swanage Railway, 21/2/11. Matthew Baxter


59516 stored at Sheringham, 19/8/04. Paul Moxon


59516 stored at Sheringham on the North Norfolk Railway, February 2002 . Stuart Mackay