59486 Class 117 Trailer Composite Lavatory

Home Railway

Swanage Railway

Location History

Private Site: Winfrith 04-Mar 07

Current Location

Eastleigh Works


Swanage Railway10-Sep 14

Current Status

Under Overhaul



Current Livery

BR Green

Visited Railways

Midland Railway Butterley(Contract Overhaul) Mar 07-10

TRA Designation



Eastleigh Works (Contract Overhaul) Sep 14-Present

Partner Vehicle(s)

51356 & 51388










Record Last Updated

1 January 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Latterly seeing service in Scotland as 3-car set 117310, 59486 was stored for several years before preservation in 2004.

59486 was purchased by Dorset County Council who wished to obtain three 3-car Class 117 sets for a proposed community rail link between Swanage and Wareham. 59486 was joined by two other vehicles from different sets, DMBS 51341 from 117704 and DMS 51398 from L702.

In 2004 the 3-car unit was moved to a private site in Dorset where all nine of the Class 117 vehicles were being stored in readiness for the Swanage Railway's Wareham extension to bear fruit.

However in 2007 the site had to be cleared with 51341, 59486 & 51398 moving to the Midland Railway Butterley for storage. 59486 only remained in store for 12 months however before being extracted for a contract restoration. The two powercars were later being sold for scrap.

During 2008 59486 received external repairs and a full repaint into BR Green. Following completion the vehicle was borrowed and ran briefly with the railway's Class 127 set, giving a taster of what an authentic Class 127 4-car set would look like. The vehicle was then returned to store awaiting collection.

In summer 2010 59486 was dispatched to the Swanage Railway, intended to join resident set 51346 & 51388. However the two powercars had recently been withdrawn from service requiring overhaul, so 59486 was also stored despite being in good condition. A four year period of inactivity then followed.

In September 2014, 59486 was removed from store and sent to Eastleigh Works for a further overhaul and mainline registration. The overhaul work, particularly the mainline specifications, took far longer than originally hoped for. The vehicles involved in the project were the subject of several setbacks concerning the mechanical components such as wheelsets. Combined, these issues led to 59488 being inside Eastleigh works for several years.

In September 2016 the vehicle had progressed to the stage where bodywork and painting was required. Moved into the excellent paintshop facility at Eastleigh, 59486 was transformed rapidly, emerging in the following month sporting a fresh coat of BR Green.

By late 2017 59488 was receiving mechanical overhaul work to the bogies.

Future Plans
59486 is to be fully overhauled to mainline standards at Eastleigh Works, after which it will be returned to the Swanage Railway to operate as a 3-car set running link services to the mainline at Wareham.


59486 on static display at Swanwick Junction during the Midland Railway Butterley's DMU Gala. The vehicle was awaiting dispatch to the Swanage Railway following the conclusion of a contract overhaul, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


59486 at Swanwick Junction awaiting moving to Swanage, 11/10/08. Daniel Adkins


59486 at Swanwick Junction awaiting moving to Swanage, 27/9/08. Daniel Adkins


59486 is seen undergoing contact external restoration in the restoration shed at Butterley during the railway's DMU Gala, 29/3/08. Chris Moxon