51407 Class 117 Driving Motor Second

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Plym Valley Railway

Location History

Plym Valley Railway May 95-Present

Current Location

Plym Valley Railway



Current Status


Visited Railways

Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway Mar 11-Jan 12

Current Livery

BR Green (Speed Whiskers)



TRA Designation



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Plym Valley Railway






Record Last Updated

1 August 2014


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51407 was withdrawn from mainline service in 1993 following minor damage sustained after a derailment. It had latterly worked as set T304 along with (preservation partner) 51365.

In 1995 the set was purchased by the Plym Valley Railway who quickly repaired the derailment damage. 51407 was not operational as quickly as 51365, due to problems with the fuel pumps on the engines, and the requirement to refit the fuel tanks which were missing. The fuel pumps have since been overhauled. The bodywork was rubbed down, with some corrosion being cut out and filled, and the unit repainted back into green livery, with speed whiskers. Internally some water damaged panelling was replaced in the guards compartment and the interior given a deep clean.

The set then operated both under its own power and as hauled coaching stock at the railway, the latter method of operation becoming a necessity following the banning of the Halon fire extinguishing system.

In May 2011 the set, along with several other vehicles from around the UK, was put on loan to the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway to operate their northern section, severed from the remaining line following a landslip. However mechcnical issues meant 51365/51407 saw little use and the set was returned to the Plym Valley in January 2012.

In 2014 the vehicle was taken out of service and was stored whilst restoration work on partner vehicle 51365 was progressed.

Future Plans
To overhaul and return to service.


51407 being shunted, 1/14. Aaron Cook


51407 stabled at Toddington, 1/5/11. Trevor Daw


51407 stabled at Toddington, 30/4/11. Bill Pugsley


51407/51365 in use as hauled stock, 2008. Aaron Cook