59500 Class 117 Trailer Composite Lavatory

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Wensleydale Railway

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Wensleydale Railway ?-Present

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Wensleydale Railway



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Current Livery

Non Standard Carmine (north side) & BR Green (south side)



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Wensleydale Railway PLC






Record Last Updated

1 July 2014


Preservation Modifications
The vehicle now contains no first class seating so is effectively a TSL.

Preservation Information
59500 was latterly used in Class 117 3-car set 117311 in Scotland. It was preserved at the Wensleydale Railway and entered service quickly, its Scotrail/Regional Railways livery nicely matching that of the line’s Class 101 set, 50746/51210.

59500 was later repainted into Green, and was used in a variety in sets. However due to maintenance sets were noted as often being reformed.

In 2010, the vehicle saw use in the summer as a loco hauled 4-car set with51813, 59509 & 50746.

By 2012, 59500 had been painted into crimson on the south side suggesting use with the railway's vacuum braked loco hauled stock. However it was by this time stored out of service.

Future Plans


59500, in use as loco hauled stock, 21/8/10. Chris Moxon


59500 in a hauled stock formation at Leyburn, 19/8/09. Bill Pugsley


59500, seen stabled at Leeming Bar, 12/10/08. Graham Johnston




The de-classified first class saloon in 59500, 21/8/10. Chris Moxon


The larger second class saloon, 21/8/10. Chris Moxon


The smaller second class saloon, 21/8/10. Chris Moxon