59522 Class 117 Trailer Composite Lavatory

Home Railway

Chasewater Railway

Location History

Battlefield Line Jan 94-Aug 04

Current Location

Chasewater Railway


Chasewater Railway Aug 04-Present

Current Status




Current Livery

BR Blue & Grey



TRA Designation



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Record Last Updated

1 July 2014


Preservation Modifications
Reported to have had first class seating replaced by second class.

Preservation Information
59522 was preserved on the Battlefield Line in 1994, however its history there is quite illusive.The vehicle is known to have been put up fpr sale in 2000 and was later moved onto the Chasewater Railway in 2004.

It is not thought that the vehicle has operated for some time, being stored out of service and retaining its BR Blue & Grey colour scheme. It is not known if there are future plans to restore the vehicle as a locomotive hauled coach as has been done with Class 116 TC 59444 and Class 127 TCL 59603 at the railway.

Future Plans


59522, outside the shed at Brownhills West, 10/9/11. Nigel Gould


59522 stored at Brownhills West, 15/6/08. David Beardmore


59522 now seen on the Chasewater Railway. Ian Francis


59522 on the Battlefield Railway, 2/2/99. Stuart Mackay