51413 Class 117 Driving Motor Second

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North Somerset Railway

Location History

Private Site: MOD Long MarstonJun 15-Present

Current Location

Private Site: MOD Long Marston



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Current Livery

BR Green



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DPR Carriage Group






Record Last Updated

3 March 2018


Preservation Modifications
None, although the vehicle had spent time on the mainline as a water jetting car, so had been previously heavily modified from original condition for this purpose.

Preservation Information
51413 was part of the last Class 117 set operational on the mainline, out lasting other vehicles by some ten years due to its continued use on the national network as a water jetting train for Chiltern Railways. The vehicle was very heavily modified for this purpose and was preserved in June 2015 after finally being dispensed with nearly 60 years after the vehicle was first built!

The water jetting train was a three car unit but the middle coach was sold to a separate organisation. With no operational site, the North Somerset Railway planned to initially restore 51413 at the MOD site at Long Marston, with their other stock which includes a Class 121.

By 2018 it was reported that 51413 was in storage whilst restoration work was progressing on partner 51371.

Future Plans
To rebuild the interior and restore the vehicle as a passenger vehicle once more.


51413 stored at Long Marston, 15/2/18. Michael Hughes