51842 Class 110 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

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East Lancashire Railway

Location History

East Lancashire Railway 90-03

Current Location

East Lancashire Railway


Wensleydale Railway 03-Nov 16

Current Status



East Lancashire Railway Nov 16-Present

Current Livery

BR Green (Half Yellow Panel)



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)

59701 & 51813




A Schofield






Record Last Updated

11 November 2017


Preservation Modifications
The second class seating has been rearranged into facing bays in themiddle saloon, reducing the vehicle's seating capacity from 12F 54S to 12F 49S.

Preservation Information
Withdrawn from Neville Hill (Leeds) depot in the early 1990's, this vehicle and partner 51813 was purchased for use on the East Lancashire Railway, where they quickly entered service making their passenger debut on the 2/3/91, booked to work the 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00 services from Bury, however they also had to rescue the failed steam loco on the 13:00 and work the remaining services. The set was "completed" following the aquisition of centre trailer 59701 in 1994.

Much restoration work on the vehicle was completed during this period, most notably internal "derefurbishment" which involved the removal of orange Formica and strip lighting amongst other modifications.

In 1995 the vehicle (along with the entire Class 110 set) was repainted into BR Green.

In 2001 the set was the star of the annual railcar convention, being used for the driver experiences.

In 2003 the set was relocated to the Wensleydale Railway where at one point it was seeing daily use. The vehicle operated both as a 110 set and with other vehicles on the line until being withdrawn for repairs.

In 2009 51842 donated an engine to keep 51813 in traffic.

During 2009 & 2010 the vehicle was repainted while engines were being refurbished off site.

By 2011, enough engines had been returned to allow 51842 to return to service with 51813 again.

In 2012, the set was increased to 3-cars via the use of Class 117 TCL 59509 but this was only for a short period and 51842 fell back out of use again.

51842 returned to its former home the East Lancashire Railway in 2016 where it was better placed to receive overhaul work by its owner. With work on centre trailer 59701 recently completed, restoration work on 51842's front end started immediately, with stripping down of the cab front to facilitate welding repairs to the corroded structure below.

January 2017 was spent on the roof cleaning down and repainting, including the white cab dome. By February the ongoing front end repairs had been completed and the area repainted green. Throughout March and April there was a push to sand, fill and repaint the bodysides and corridor end, which were completed swiftly. By July some final electrical and mechanical tasks were completed before the vehicle was considered mainly complete and could then await the overhaul of partner 51813 to progress.

In November 2017 the full 3-car set was relaunched into passenger service.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


E51842 passes through the closed Ewood Bridge station, 5/11/17. Chris Moxon


E51842 stabled at Bury, 3/11/17. Chris Moxon


E51842 posed at Bury during the photo charter, 3/11/17. Chris Moxon


Finishing touches being applied to the underframe (painting), electricals and mechanics, 2/5/17. Allan Schofield


The corridor end repaired and repainted, 21/4/17. Allan Schofield


The completed front end, awaiting lining, 21/4/17. Allan Schofield


Primer and undercoats applied, 19/2/17. Allan Schofield


Bodywork preparation proceeding along ther side, 7/2/17. Allan Schofield


The freshly painted cab roof dome, 22/1/17. Allan Schofield


Bodywork repairs to the front end approach completion, 12/12/16. Allan Schofield


The front bufferbeam after needle gunning, 3/12/16. Allan Schofield


Bodywork repairs to the cab front, 19/11/16. Allan Schofield


The cab roof dome after removal, 18/11/16. Allan Schofield


Immediately after arrival, work starts on cab bodywork, 16/11/16. Allan Schofield


E51842 having just returned to the East Lancs, shortly after unloading, 16/11/16. Allan Schofield


E51842 & E51813 in service at Redmire, 27/7/12. Andrew Gallon


51842 under repair at Leeming Bar, 21/8/10. Chris Moxon


51842 under repair at Leeming Bar, 21/8/10. Chris Moxon


51842's worksplate, 21/8/10. Chris Moxon


Recently refurbished No2 engine, 21/8/10. Chris Moxon


No1 engine being rebuilt, 21/8/10. Paul Moxon


No1 engine being rebuilt, 21/8/10. Paul Moxon


E51842 stabled at Leeming Bar, 23/2/05. John Carter


E51842, E59701 & E51813 stabled at Bury, 11/9/99. John Cordrey


Class 110 DMC 51842 on the East Lancs Rly, 1/9/97.Stuart Mackay


51842 at Rawtenstall whilst still in Blue & Grey livery, 1992. John Law


51842 & 51813 at Bury, 1/3/91. David McGuire





The interior of 51842, taken on the Wensleydale Railway, 8/11/03. Lee Senior