59791 Class 107 Trailer Second Lavatory

Home Railway

Tanat Valley Railway

Location History

Battlefield Line 93-Nov 99

Current Location

Tanat Valley Railway


Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway Nov 99-Mar 09

Current Status

Static Display


Tanat Valley Railway Jan 12-Present

Current Livery

BR Green



TRA Designation


Visited Railways

Nene Valley Railway Mar 09-Nov 11

Partner Vehicle(s)




Class 107 Ltd





Record Last Updated

18 October 2014


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
59791 was preserved in 1993 on the Battlefield Line as loco hauled coaching stock. Hoever the vehicle became unique, becoming the last Class 107 centre car to survive.

In 1999 it was bought by Class 107 Ltd who repainted the vehicle green and returtned it to a Class 107 set, in between 52006 & 52031 at the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway.

In 2003, partner 52006 was replaced by 52005.

In 2008, Class 107 Ltd vacated the Embsay railway, and 52005, 59791 &52031were moved on hire to the Nene Valley Railway the following year.

Never used at the Nene Valley, 52005, 59791 &52031were moved again in 2011, to Class 107 Ltd's current base, the Tanat Valley Railwaywhere it operated all of the line's services.

In 2014, 59791 was removed from the set and used as static cafe.

Future Plans


59791 at the Tanat Valley Railway, shortly after being reoved from active service and placed in static use as a cafe, 13/7/14. Osrail


59791 on the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway, 15/10/00. Stuart Mackay