52006 Class 107 Driving Motor Brake Second

Home Railway

Tanat Valley Railway

Location History

Richborough Power Station Dec 92-94

Current Location

Avon Valley Railway


East Kent Railway94-Oct 96

Current Status



Eden Valley Railway Oct 96-Dec 97

Current Livery

BR Green (Half Yellow Panel)


Crewe Electric Depot Dec 97-Dec 98

TRA Designation



Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway Dec 98-Sep 08

Partner Vehicle(s)





Class 107 Ltd

Visited Railways

Wensleydale Railway May 03-Jul 06




Avon Valley Railway Sep 08-Present

Record Last Updated

3 March 2018


Preservation Modifications
The seating has been rearranged into "bays". This work also included fitting tables into some of the seating bays, which have proved very popular with passengers.

Preservation Information
52006 was preserved in 1992 by The East Kent Railway Museum as part of a 2-car set with partner 52031after withdrawl in October of that year. Sadly 52006 was damaged in transit as a result of a low-loader accident. However repairs were undertaken at its first home the East Kent Railway and much work went into reversing the effects of British rail's "running-down" of the vehicles.

In 1997 when the East Kent decided to sell much of its rolling stock, 52006 & 52031 were purchased by Class 107 Ltd. Much work involving overhauling the mechanics and the rebuilding of one of the engines has been completed, with the interior being refurbished and new lino fitted.

52006 entered service in BR Green with 52031at its new home the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway. In 2000, the set was returned to its historically original 3-car formation with the addition of TSL 59791.

In 2003, 52006 was removed from the set and sent on hire to the embryonic Wensleydale Railway with new partner 52025. The set returned to Embsay in 2006.

In 2008, Class 107 Ltd vacated the Embsay railway, and 52006 & 52025were sent on hire to theAvon Valley Railway.

Since arriving at the Avon Valley Railway the unit has proved useful operating off peak traffic at the start and end of the season as well as evening fish & chip specials.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


Sc52006/Sc52025 in service at Bitton, 15/2/18. Neil Jones


Sc52006/Sc52025 depart Bitton, 12/3/16. Paul Jones


Sc52006/Sc52025 await their next duties during the AVR's annual Diesel Gala, 12/4/14. Nick Wilcock


Sc52006/Sc52025 in action at the Avon Valley's diesel gala, 13/4/13. Chris Walker


Sc52006 stabled at Bitton, 12/8/12. Nigel Gould


Sc52006/Sc52025 stabled at Bitton with some of the line's goods wagons, 27/6/12. John Law


Sc52006 undegoes repairs at Bitton, 15/5/11. Q47541M


Stabled at Bitton, 28/12/10. Chris Moxon


52006 leads a 3-car set on the Wensleydale line, 8/4/04. John Carter


52006 in service at the Wensleydale Railway, 15/9/03. David Beardmore


52006 on the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway, 15/10/00. Stuart Mackay


52006 departing Embsay, 23/8/99. John Carter


52006 on the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway, 12/6/99. David McGuire