Tanat Valley Railway

The Tanat Valley Railway is a relatively new heritage operation and is one of several schemes in the Cambrian area. The first trains (steam hauled brake van rides) operated in November 2009 on a third of a mile of track.

In March 2010 a partially restored Class 107 arrived on the line kick starting the association with DMUs. It is planned to complete the restoration here and the set was intended to provide a most suitable form of power for this short railway once completed.

However the following year a second Class 107 set was relocated on the line by the same owning group, bringing forwards the propspect of operating DMUs, as this second set was far closer to operating condition. It is planned to run services with this set in 2012.

51993 Class 107 DMBS
52005 Class 107 DMBS
52012 Class 107 DMCL
52031 Class 107 DMCL
59791 Class 107 TSL