This area is a central resource for publications and information that does not currently have a logical location in other sections of the website.

Amendments to Other Publications

Below are PDF documents compiled by members which offer corrections and additional information to written publications (such as books or magazines). They are aimed at those who value historical accuracy in their collections of railcar related publications and who may be interested in highlighting and/or amending errors which get published, then sadly repeated in future research and published works. They are not intended to devalue others' work and all amendments are published in good faith.

Modern Locomotives Ilustrated 207 published 2014

Technical Documents

Below are PDF documents to assist restoration activity, as a compliment to the Suppliers section.

Alternator/Engine/Exhauster/Generator Drive Belt Data

Battery Conversion (from BR type to leisure type) - Full instructions to convert vehicles as written by John Joyce in 2017

Lubricant Theory - As presented by Morris during the 2016 Railcar Convention