This Railcar Association web site is produced by Stuart Mackay & Chris Moxon. Stuart creates and maintains the comprehensive and valuable online archives and galleries relating to railcars during their original (British Railways) careers; while Chris maintains further galleries and information relating to railcars in the preservation era, along with day-to-day aspects of the association such as news reports.

Stuart has been active in DMU preservation since 1988 and worked full time on DMU restorations from 2001 to 2008, including amongst many others the Wickham, Derby Lightweight & Swindon unit HLF restorations, specialising in painting and rewiring. Now living abroad Stuart still works on the Class 126 at Bo'ness on regular trips back to the UK and continues with DMU research and history.

Chris has been active in DMU preservation since 1999 and has built up restoration skills from nothing by volunteering on the restoration of Class 104 vehicles. Since 2007 Chris has taken a wider role within the association by taking on the online responsibilities of the preservation aspect of the association.

If you have any comments on the site, queries, corrections or anything else pertaining to DMUs, contact Chris at