59603 Class 127 Trailer Composite Lavatory

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Chasewater Railway

Location History

Chasewater Railway Apr 94-Present

Current Location

Chasewater Railway



Current Status

Operational (Hauled Stock)



Current Livery

Non Standard Maroon



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Record Last Updated

15 March 2013


Preservation Modifications
Some non standard tables are fitted into the seating bays.

Preservation Information
59603 was preserved on the Chasewater Railway in 1994, to act as a locomotive hauled vehicle. For this reason, the vehicle has never been “in the limelight” and its history is therefore quite illusive. Being a relatively short line, the ability of 59603’s many doors to load and unload passengers very quickly was much appreciated by the railway.

The vehicle was not however initially fit for traffic, so a restoration programme was started in the mid 1990's.

During the early 2000's the vehicle was painted into a non standard carmine & cream livery to suit its role as a hauled coach. Work was also progressing on the interior of the coach.

By 2009, the overhaul was coming to a close. The vehicle had by now received a brake & bogie overhaul and the heaters had been replaced with modern system. 59609 was also painted into maroon livery to match Class 116 TC 59444 which 59603 was paired with upon its return to traffic.

59609 continues in passenger service being hauled by a variety of (normally industrial) vacuum braked steam and diesel locomotives.

Future Plans


59603 in service at the Chasewater Railway, 15/6/08. David Beardmore


59603 taken during the TRA annual DMU day, Chasewater Railway, 12/7/03. Steve Hodgson


59603 seen on the Chasewater Railway, 2/2/99. Stuart Mackay




59603's interior, taken during the TRA annual DMU day, Chasewater Railway, 12/7/03. Paul Moxon