LEV2 (R3)

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Oversees: Connecticut Trolley Museum

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Oversees: Connecticut Trolley Museum



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4 November 2012

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Preservation Information
Experimental railbus with a body based on the Leyland National bus. Used for trials and exported in 1980 as there were hopes to expand into the USA market. Unsurprisingly this did not materialise and the vehicle remained in the USA.

Little is known about the LEV2's preservation career but is is thought it has been at a few different sites and has operated sporadically.

At present it is located at the Connecticut Trolley Museum and is stored out of use.

Future Plans
The Railbus Trust is interested in repatriating LEV2 and has been appealing for funds to aid transportation costs. It would seem the project is possible as the Museum have offered the vehicle for sale to interested parties in the past.