Private Site: MOD Shoeburyness

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has many rail sites around the UK. One of these it located at Shoeburyness, and amongst other roles, these sites are used for stock storage by the modern day leasing companies.

When the last of the large fleets of first generation DMUs were being withdrawn they were returned to their leasing companies who often stored them at MOD sites prior to disposal. Therefore many preserved vehicles in the mid 2000s “escaped” from these sites when sold to heritage railways as opposed to scrap merchants.

Most only spent a few years at most at the MOD’s Shoeburyness site. However one set, sold into private ownership, did not find a new home for several years so remained at the site.

As the site is an active MOD location photography is prohibited so there are few images of either the site or the vehicles located there.

The sole remaining set finally moved on in 2012.

There are currently no vehicles located at MOD Shoeburyness