3D Printing

Paul Woodroffe - Any items up to 6cmx6cm and will make items for TRA members at reasonable cost. Has already made battery box signs for preserved railcars - Contact details are available through Richard Thornton

Cab Controls

DSD springs - located inside throttle controller used for deadman's device - Trevor Daw - Group order manufactured February 2014 at £3.62 each inc vat

Destination Blinds

Blinds for Buses - All blinds made to order, any style, any number of destinations. Also produce "yellowed" blinds to give an authentic aged look.

GH Blinds - 2 and 4 character headcode blinds - Geoff Hudspith 01438 725 030 - Sample blind required for reproduction. No minimum order but unit price diminishes with multiple orders.

McKenna Brothers - all blinds made to order - 01616 553 244

Door Locks/Mechanisms

Severn Valley Rly C&W Department - New castings and parts manufactured for door mechanisms: ram bolts, catch plates springs, budget locks etc.

Hugh McQuade (C&W Manager) - 01562 672 17


Narvida - Steel corrugated flooring - Narvida 01383 823 417 - This flooring is more "angular" than the original, but fits as a direct replacement without issue.


Ipswich Plastics - Suppliers of Formica group panels - 01463 270 101 - "ColorCore Diamond Black Satin NDF" is a suitable material for recovering cab desks


Bedazzled - Suppliers of LED equivalent bulbs - 01327 843811 - Particularly useful for marker lights, destination blinds etc

CEAG - Manufacturer of railway lamps and traditional incandescent bulbs - Products include white marker lights (54/39999) and red marker lights (54/39984)

Seat Moquette

Holdsworths - Original BR Pattern DMU moquette (material) - Includes First Class Black cheque (BR cat no 36/35615) and Second Class Blue/Green cheque known as "Bournemouth Blue" (BR cat no 36/35666)

Torrington Coastal Restorations - Supply Holdsworths moquettes without the minimum order. Limited range however several patterns authentic for railcars are present in the range, notably "Bournemouth Blue", "Trojan", "Charcoal Check" etc

Seat Reupholstery

Derby - Seat retrimming - Andy 07733 111 834 - Mention Chris Bull (Dean Forest Railway) for a good price!


John Walton Engraving - "Traffolyte" switch panels etc as used in cabs - 01226 290 780