55034 Class 121 Driving Motor Brake Second (Returned to Mainline use)

Last Location

Birmingham Railway Museum

Location History

Birmingham Railway Museum ?-May 11

Current Status

Route Learner, Locomotive Services Limited



Last Livery

Non Standard Carmine & Cream (Half Yellow Panel)



Record Last Updated

13 May 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
It is believed that 55034 never operated in passenger service during its time in preservation. Preserved in the 1990’s, the vehicle was based at the Birmingham Railway Museum at Tyseley, a location which has kept strong links with the mainline network.

During its time there, 55034 was extensively refurbished, with both interior and exterior restoration being carried out. The biggest visual milestone came in 2004 when the vehicle was out-shopped in a non authentic Carmine & Cream colour scheme. However it is thought that the vehicle was only ever displayed during the frequent Tyseley open days.

Following the success of the mainline reinstatement of Class 121 55020 for Chiltern Railways, the requirement for that vehicle to be removed from its duties for overhaul lead to Chiltern Railways overhauling a second vehicle for mainline use. Following a sale, this vehicle became 55034 and it received a rapid interior, exterior and mechanical overhaul to mainline standards. Out-shopped in May 2011 in BR Green livery, 121034 (as the vehicle became known) departed preservation and was used in regular mainline passenger use with Chiltern Railways until 2017, when it was sold to Locomotive Services Limited for use as a route learning vehicle.

As Locomotive Services Limited is officially a Train Operating Company, the Railcar Association still considers this vehicle to be outside preservation.


55034 uner restoration at Tyseley, 13/4/09. Amy Adams


55034 at Tyseley, 28/6/08. Daniel Adkins


55034 at Tyseley, 28/6/08. Daniel Adkins


A view of 55034 at Tyseley showing the fresh Carmine & Cream paint scheme, 27/6/04. Simon Edwards


55034 now fully painted into carmine & cream, 20/5/04. Brian Wilson


A freshly painted 55034 at Tyseley, 17/2/02. Andy Cole


55034 facing the roundabout at Tyseley, 11/2/01. Stuart Mackay