1987 UBF7Z Railcar

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Nene Valley Railway

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Nene Valley Railway Sep 17-Present

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Nene Valley Railway


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Under Restoration


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7 July 2018


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Preservation Information
1987 was the second railcar of Swedish origin to enter British preservation. Built as a control trailer vehicle to boost capacity of the similarly built Swedish single units, it was purchased and imported to the Nene Valley Railway in 2017. It was obtained as a companion to similar vehicle 1212 which had been in the UK since 1984 and restored sucessfully at the Nene Valley Railway in 2012.

1987 was sucessfully transported to the Nene Valley Railway and its restoration started early in 2018. This involved both exterior and interior refurbishment in a similar fast paced fashion to 1212 several years earlier. By autumn 2018 the exterior was starting to take shape with welding repairs completed and repainting underway.

Future Plans
To fully restore to passenger carrying condition and operate as a partner to Y7 1212 to increase the capacity of the railcar services operated on the Nene Valley.


Undercoat now applied to 1987, with some sections progressing into gloss, 19/9/18. David Shell


By September exterior restoration had progressed very well with most welding work completed and primers and undercoats being applied. Roof repairs had also been undertaken ready for a full repaint, 2/9/18. David Shell


1987 sits at the Wansford end of Shed road 2. Various hand / grab rails and covers have been trial fitted for sizing, etc, 29/1/18. David Shell


The gangway door cover in place at the Cargo end (or "corridor end"), 21/1/18. David Shell


1987 in the yard. The ex Forth Banks OTPD access gantry was used to check the roof, there are a few small areas which require resealing, 15/12/17. David Shell


1987 with 1212 at Wansford shortly after the former had arrived, 9/17. David Shell


1987 shortly after arriving at its new home at the Nene Valley Railway, 22/9/18. David Shell


1987 arriving at its new home at the Nene Valley Railway, 20/9/18. David Shell



Restoration work in progress and some seating refitted, 11/6/18. David Shell


Looking through the passenger area towards the driving cab. Almost all the original mounting points for the seats have been cleaned out, and we are just measuring up before putting the new ones in to fit this type of seat frame (The trailer originally had a different seating arrangement), 15/12/17. David Shell