1987 UBF7Z Railcar

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Nene Valley Railway

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Nene Valley Railway Sep 17-Present

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Nene Valley Railway


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20 September 2017


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Preservation Information
1987 was the second railcar of Swedish origin to enter British preservation. Built as a control trailer vehicle to boost capacity of the similarly built Swedish single units, it was purchased and imported to the Nene Valley Railway in 2017. It was obtained as a companion to similar vehicle 1212 which had been in the UK since 1984 and restored sucessfully at the Nene Valley Railway in 2012.

1987 was sucessfully transported to the UK and its new home where it currently resides awaiting restoration to passenger service.

Future Plans
To fully restore to passenger carrying condition and operate as a partner to Y7 1212 to increase the capacity of the railcar services operated on the Nene Valley.