1212 Y7 Railcar

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Nene Valley Railway

Location History

Nene Valley Railway 84-89

Current Location

Nene Valley Railway


Fleggburgh Bygone Village 89-04

Country of Origin



Tweddle Animal Farm 04-Nov 11

Current Status



Nene Valley RailwayNov 11-Present

Current Livery

Oranage & Yellow



TRA Designation




Craig Owen






Record Last Updated

11 November 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Built for Swedish State Railways in 1958, 1212 was moved to the UK and into preservation in 1984 at the Nene Valley Railway, very appropriate as the line was building up a collection of continental rolling stock and was widely regarded as the premier site in the UK for operational oversees rolling stock, so the Swedish Railcar was at home eith other non-British stock.

1212 was made operational and operated some off peak services until 1989 when the owner passed away.

It was movd to Fleggburgh Bygone Village in Great Yamouth where it was put on static display alongside a Swedish steam locomotive until the village shut down in 2004.

1212 was moved to Tweddle Animal Farm in Hartlepool where it was used as an undercover picnic area, again in static use.

January 2011 saw the start of a two year transformation for 1212. It was purchased by an individual who immediately set about returning the vehicle to fully operational condition with the assistance of The International Railway Preservation Society based at the Nene Valley. Work focussed on the mechanics of the vehicle and April saw the vehicle's engine started for the first time in 22 years. The summer was spent improving the mechanics while work also started on the bodywork restoration. In November, the vehicle was relocated back to its first home the Nene Valley Railwaywhere the facilities for extensive bodywork repairs were available.

During 2012 the bodywork (particularly around the cabs) was completely stripped away and replaced. It was discovered that the framework of the vehicle was mainly in excellent condition, with only the panels to replace. The interior was stripped out for assessment and restoration. Over the year a myriad of smaller interior items were also restored and refitted, coinciding with the new sexterior steelwork and body repairs. By May the cabs were completed and work had started on the body in between, which was in much better condition.

October 2012 saw 1212's debut in traffic, the end of a rapid restoration. The vehicle was returned to service in original orange/yellow colours.

The vehicle won the Railcar Association's Railcar of the Year 2012 award in recognition for the dramatic return to service and rapid restoration which transformed the vehicle's fortunes after many years as in static use.

1212 now provides some off peak services at the railway and also regularly features in special events. Its owners are currently keeping 1212 available for service each year and are tackling any maintenance jobs on an ongoing basis.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


1212 working summer services near Ferry Meadows, 6/5/18. David Shell


1212 working winter services at Yarwell Junction, 14/1/18. David Shell


1212 working Wansford-Yarwell shuttles during the diesel gala weekend, 9/4/17. Chris Moxon


1212 crossing the river Nene at Wansford, 15/3/15. Nene Valley Railway


1212 operating a private charter, 7/5/14. David Shell


1212 stabled in the bay at Wansford, 18/5/13. Nigel Gould


1212 inside the shed at Wansford, undergoing thorough bodywork around the curved cab ends, 2012. David Shell