140001 - 55500 Class 140 Driving Motor Second Lavatory

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Keith & Dufftown Railway

Location History

Keith & Dufftown Railway Feb 95-Present

Current Location

Keith & Dufftown Railway



Current Status

Under Restoration



Current Livery

BR Blue & Grey



TRA Designation



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Banffshire Rolling Stock Limited






Record Last Updated

1 August 2014


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
55500 & 55501 were the only members of their class, experimental in nature, and never saw regular passenger service. After a short life of publicity exercises and trials, 55500 was latterly used as the Leeds Neville Hill driver training set before withdrawal in October 1990. Stored for some time before preservation, the set was preserved at the Keith & Dufftown Railway, arriving in 1995.

A lack of resources prevented any restoration work on 55500 & 55501, which in the early 2000's were moved to the extremety of the line, the Dufftown headshunt, and made accessible on a static basis. The track leading to the vehicles was later disconnected.

In March 2011 the area 55500 was stored in was required for redevelopment, and the vehicle was moved the short distance into the main platform at Dufftown. This triggered renewed interest in the set and it was immediately heavily cleaned externally to improve its appearance.

In 2012, a group of Keith & Dufftown Railway volunteers undertook some conservation/investigation work on 55500. Using a compressor the doors were sucessfully tested and the lighting on the vehicle was also found to be operational. The engine has also been started and is thought to be in good condition making a return to use in the future possible.

Future Plans
Although constrained by a lack of resources, members of the Keith & Dufftown Railway have long term aims to return 55500 to operational condition.


55500 & 55501 stored at Dufftown, 19/8/11. Ian McLoughlin


55500 & 55501 stored at Dufftown, 3/6/11. John Carter


55500/55501 stored at Dufftown, 29/5/09. Brian Battersby


140001 (55500/55501) stored at Dufftown, 17/5/08. David Beardmore