59099 Class 126 Trailer Buffet First Lavatory (Scrapped)

Last Location

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Location History

North Yorkshire Moors RailwayApr 73-May 94

Current Status

Scrapped at MC Metals 1994



Last Livery

Green & Cream



Partner Vehicle(s)



Record Last Updated

15 March 2013


Preservation Modifications
Body grounded in 1979. Extensive alterations internally for use as a camping coach.

Preservation Information
59099 was preserved on the North Yorkshire Moors Railwayin April 1973, not as a DMU vehicle in its own right but to provide volunteer facilities.

59099 was converted into a camping coach at Goathland and never saw any passenger service during its preservation life. In 1979 the vehicle gave up its bogies to be used under BR Pullman coaches 'Opal' and 'Garnet' and continued to be used as a grounded body.

Contaminated with asbestos and becoming a liability, 59099 donated some remaining fittings to surviving vehicle 79443, and was then scrapped at MC Metals in May 1994, along with 59098 which had also been in use at Goathland.

The disposal of these two vehicles (the last Class 126 buffet cars) left a non buffet Class 126 centre car and a similar Edinburgh & Glasgow buffet in preservation. This was not seen as a problem however as in any event there was only a single surving pair of Class 126 powercars at this point, so there was a surplus of trailer cars.


59099 at Goathlandin use as a static camping coach, takn sometime between 1979 & 1994.