59228 Class 104 Trailer Brake Second Lavatory

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Telford Steam Railway

Location History

Crewe (Mainline) 92-Feb 00

Current Location

Telford Steam Railway


Telford Steam Railway Feb 00-Present

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Current Livery

BR Blue



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Kevin Dowd & Robert Simpson






Record Last Updated

13 December 2016


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
59228 was preserved in 1992 in a bulk buy of 12 Class 104 vehicles by private individuals Kevin Dowd and Robert Simpson. With no immediate home available, 59228 was held in open storage at Crewe Brook Sidings, where the vehicle suffered considerable vandelism.

In 2000, the vehicle was moved from Crewe to the Telford Steam Railway. Within an hour of unloading, a coat of blue paint had covered most of the graffiti. Cleaning work was undertaken to the inside, mainly to get rid of the accumulated debris and broken glass, and to sort out what was salvageable. Some work was also done underneath, replacing several fittings which had been removed whilst the vehicle was stuck at Crewe: notably the Vacuum Isolating Valve, replacing missing hoses, and fitting new battery box covers. Amazingly, the batteries held some charge!

Over the next 5 years, minor repairs to running gear were made to keep the vehicle reasonable, but no major restoration activities were undertaken due to other commitments.

By 2005 the vehicle was considered as in storage again, awaiting its turn for time/finance. The vehicle was sheeted up, but these were later mysteriously removed (stolen?).

A survey in 2009 found the vehicle to be in extremely poor condition, and in normal circumstances would be considered "too far gone" for economic restoration. However being unique it was felt the vehicle must be saved for a long term restoration/rebuild.

During 2016 the vehicle was sheeted over again, and it remains in storage.

Future Plans
The vehicle's future is currently being decided at "104 HQ" by the preservation team at the East Lancashire Railway.


59228 lurks behind a crane, 7/2/16. Chris Moxon


59228 looking a little sorry for itself, 1/11/15. Chris Moxon


59228 stored at Spring Village, 3/4/15. Zoe Hunter


59228 in extremely poor condition, stored at Telford, 28/12/09. Chris Moxon


59228 in extremely poor condition, stored at Telford, 28/12/09. Chris Moxon


59228's guards area in extremely poor condition, stored at Telford, 28/12/09. Chris Moxon


59228 at the Telford Steam Railway, 15/2/01. Stuart Mackay



59228's guards van, 28/12/09. Chris Moxon


59228's guards van, 28/12/09. Chris Moxon


59228's middle saloon, 28/12/09. Chris Moxon


59228's rear saloon, 28/12/09. Chris Moxon