79441 E&G Trailer Buffet First Lavatory (Scrapped)

Last Location

Strathspey Railway

Location History

Strathspey Railway ?-Oct 92

Current Status

Scrapped at MC Metals 1992



Last Livery

Carmine & Cream



Partner Vehicle(s)


Record Last Updated

7 November 2012

Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
79441 was preserved on the Strathspey Railway. It was extensively refurbished internally, this being sponsored by a whisky firm which gave it its name "Glenfiddich".

Contaminated with asbestos and becoming a liability, 79441 had to be scrapped at MC Metals in October 1992.

The disposal of this vehicles was not seen as an issue as a further three E&G buffet cars were in residence at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.


79441 at the Strathspey Railway. Roy Lambeth


79441 at the Strathspey Railway. John McIntyre