50528 Class 104 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

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Llangollen Railway93-Present

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Llangollen Railway



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BR Blue (Full Yellow End)



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Kevin Dowd & Robert Simpson






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7 July 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
50528 was preserved in 1992 in a bulk buy of 12 Class 104 vehicles by private individuals Kevin Dowd and Robert Simpson. The fleet was eventually distributed over three heritage railways and 50528 was located on the Llangollen Railway on a long term loan arrangement with Llangollen Railcars.

After some restoration 50528 and partner 50454 were quickly put into service still in BR Blue livery. The set was later embellished with a "Blackpool" white stripe down the side.

During 1994 50528 underwent a heavy refurbishment and emerged in BR Green livery with half yellow panel.

In 1996 the roof was repainted.

The late 1990's and early 2000's saw the vehicle performing reliably, the set becoming a regular performer for many years, clocking up over 20,000 miles in traffic.

In the winter of 2008/2009, the vehicle was repainted in the 1964 livery of blue with a small yellow warning panel.

In 2012, the set became the first DMU since the 1960's to work west of Carrog on the Llangollen Railway's new Corwen extension, the set being used for driver training. August of that year saw the No1 engine replaced with a reconditioned example after the old one had devleoped water leaks which could not be repaired in situ.

Over winter 2013/2014, the vehicle was fitted with a replacement sliding dog in the final drive.

Spring 2014 saw 50528 withdrawn for two months for a cab end body rebuild. All the upper sections of steel, round the corners to the cab doors required replacement. This work was completed quickly and the vehicle emerged sporting a repainted cab end, this time in all-over yellow. The vehicle later received a full repaint into BR Blue with a full yellow end during October, debuting at the Railcar Convention weekend that month.

50528 was lifted for the first time in preservation during the early part of 2016 during a routine M examination.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


An unusual corridor view of M50528 during set reformations at Llangollen, 3/6/18. Chris Moxon


M50528 in Berwyn platform, 29/9/17. Colin Roycroft


M50528 lifted (for the first time in preservation) during an M exam, 16/1/16. Mike Martin


M50528's bogie undergoing work during an M exam at Pentrefelin, 16/1/16. Mike Martin


M50528, freshly repainted, at Llangollen during the "Railcar 60" event, 5/10/14. Chris Moxon


M50528/M50454 gleam in the sunshine at Carrog during departure for Llangollen on the final day of the Railcar Gala, 22/6/14. Richard Hargreaves


New metal progressing on M50528 during its cab rebuild, 28/4/14. Llangollen Railcar Group


M50528 stripped down during its cab rebuild, 8/3/14. Llangollen Railcar Group


M50528 stripped down during its cab rebuild, 8/3/14. Llangollen Railcar Group


M50528 receives a replacement No1 engine, 28/8/12. Llangollen Railcar Group


M50528 & M50454 at Llangollen during the Railcar Gala, 24/6/12. Chris Moxon


M50528 & M50454 pass a Class 26, 2/4/12. Llangollen Railcar Group


M50528, M50454, E56171 & E50416 stabled at Pentrefelin, 2/1/12. Mike Martin


M50528 inside the shed at Pentrefelin, 5/9/11. Llangollen Railcar Group


Replacement gearbox for M50528, 5/9/11. Llangollen Railcar Group


M50528 & M50454 at Glyndyfrdwy, 2/10/10. Chris Moxon


M50528 at Garthydwr, 17/5/09. Chris Moxon


M50528 & M50454 near Glyndyfrdwy.Llangollen Railcar Group


M50528 being reapinted from green to blue.Llangollen Railcar Group


M50528 & M50454 at Pentrefelin, 6/10/07.Chris Moxon


M50528, M50454, E56171 & E50416 in service at Carrog, 17/3/07. Mike Martin


M50528 & M50454 at Llangollen, 10/6/06.Chris Moxon


M50528 leads a 4-car formation at Carrog, 26/2/05. Brian Battersby


M50528/M50454 lead the Wickham set into Glyndyfrdwy.Llangollen Railcar Group


M50528 crossing the level crossing at Glyndyfrdwy bound fro Llangollen, 29/2/04. Brian Battersby


M50528 shortly after arrival in the early 1990's.Llangollen Railcar Group



Replacement lino in and around th toilet after floor repairs, 30/9/13. Llangollen Railcar Group


M50528's first class saloon, 17/5/09.Chris Moxon