50454 Class 104 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Llangollen Railway93-Present

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Llangollen Railway



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BR Blue (Full Yellow End)



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Kevin Dowd & Robert Simpson






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7 July 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
50454 was preserved in 1992 in a bulk buy of 12 Class 104 vehicles by private individuals Kevin Dowd and Robert Simpson. The fleet was eventually distributed over three heritage railways and 50454 was located on the Llangollen Railway on a long term loan arrangement with Llangollen Railcars.

After some restoration 50454 and partner 50528 were quickly put into service still in BR Blue livery. The set was later embellished with a "Blackpool" white stripe down the side.

During 1994 50454 underwent a heavy refurbishment and emerged in BR Green livery with half yellow panel.

In 1996 the roof was repainted.

The late 1990's and early 2000's saw the vehicle performing reliably, the set becoming a regular performer for many years, clocking up over 20,000 miles in traffic.

In 2007 50454 was fitted with a new cab after the original became so rotten that it was unable to be repaired. The replacement is, however, difficult to distinguish from the original and the route indicator blinds were refitted. The vehicle was briefly given a full yellow end to protect the new cab before the whole set was due for a repaint.

In the winter of 2008/2009 much of the skin of the bodywork was replaced and, after this rebuild, it was turned out in the 1964 livery of blue with a small yellow warning panel.

In 2012, the set became the first DMU since the 1960's to work west of Carrog on the Llangollen Railway's new Corwen extension, the set being used for driver training.

During 2013 the interior passenger areas received a mid life refurbishment, with the wooden panels being revarnished and the seating reupholstered.

50454 received a full repaint into BR Blue with a full yellow end during 2014, debuting at the Railcar Convention weekend in October.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


M50454 passes fellow BRCW built E51842 at Glyndyfrdwy, 3/6/18. Chris Moxon


M50454/M50528 arriving into Carrog, 4/6/17. Chris Moxon


M50454/M50528 at Llangollen, 21/6/15. Chris Moxon


M50454 sporting its new full yellow cab end at Carrog during the "Railcar 60" event, 4/10/14. Chris Moxon


M50454/M50528 gleam in the sunshine at Carrog during departure for Llangollen on the final day of the Railcar Gala, 22/6/14. Richard Hargreaves


M50454/M50528 approach Berwyn, 15/2/14. Peter Dickinson


M50454 requires a new windscreen! 23/7/12. Llangollen Railcar Group


M50454 & M50528 during a shunt at Prentrefelin, 16/7/12. Llangollen Railcar Group


M50454 at Carrog during the Railcar Gala, 24/6/12. Chris Moxon


M50454 & M50528 undertaking driver training on the Llangollen Railway's new extension to Bonwm, 16/4/12. Llangollen Railcar Group


The engineering team have been attending to the No 1 engine on M50454. This had blown a cylinder head gasket and so was dismantled so this could be replaced, 5/9/11. Llangollen Railcar Group


With M50454 leading the power-twin accelerates away from a brief stop at Berwyn station during the Railcar Gala, June 2010. Llangollen Railcar Group


M50454 compares faces at Carrog with Class 109 E50416 during the Railcar Gala, 26/6/10. Chris Moxon


M50454/M50528 leads the 127/108 set at Garthydwr during the Railcar Gala, 26/6/10. Chris Moxon


M50454/M50528 on the approach to Glyndyfrdwy during the Railcar Gala, 26/6/10. Chris Moxon


Its duties finished, M50454/M50528 depart Llangollen in the evening sunlight during the Railcar Gala, 26/6/10. Chris Moxon


With rain pouring from the gutters, M50454 arrives into Berwyn, 17/5/09. Chris Moxon


Corridor view of M50454 at Glyndyfrdwy, 17/5/09. Chris Moxon


M50454 following its repaint into plain blue livery, 2009. Llangollen Railcar Group


"Fill her up, please!" M50454 calls at the fuelling point in Pentrefelin Depot while LMS Black Five 4-6-0 44806 passes by on the main line. If empty the 104 will take about 800 litres of fuel at each fill. Llangollen Railcar Group


During 2008 a cancelled event meant that two railcars were working the line at the same time - the Wickham unit is seen here passing the class 104 at Deeside Halt. The 104 was at this time running in green with a full yellow end, October 2008. Llangollen Railcar Group


M50454 in multiple with the Wickham set during the 2007 Diesel Gala. The full yellow end is protecting the new cab which has been fitted, 6/10/07. Chris Moxon


M50454 & M5528 depart Llangollen, 17/3/07. Simon Edwards


For most of its life in preservation M50454 has run in British Railways lined green livery, seen here in 2007. Llangollen Railcar Group


At Carrog during the Llangollen DMU Gala, 11/6/06. Bill Taylor


M50454 at Berwyn during the 2006 Railcar gala, 10/6/06. Chris Moxon


M50454 arriving into Glyndyfrdwy during the 2006 Railcar gala, 10/6/06. Chris Moxon


During restoration in the shed at Llangollen, 21/8/01. Stuart Mackay


M50454 & M50528 stabled at Glyndyfrdwy, 1/5/99. On tour with the class 13 army


M50454 at Llangollen Station during the 3rd National DMU convention, 28/6/98. Stuart Mackay


M50454 at Llangollen Station during the 3rd National DMU convention, 28/6/98.  Robert Chilton


For part of 1994 and 1995 Llangollen's Class 104 unit ran in blue with all-yellow ends and it is seen here in that livery at Deeside Halt with M50454 leading. Llangollen Railcar Group



Reupholstered seating inside M50454, 16/9/13. Llangollen Railcar Group


Revarnishing the front saloon, 26/8/13. Llangollen Railcar Group


M50454's guards van, 17/5/09.Chris Moxon