51138 Class 116 Driving Motor Brake Second

Home Railway

Great Central Railway (North)

Location History

Colne Valley Railway Dec 95-Sep 01

Current Location

Great Central Railway (North)


Great Central Railway (North)Sep 01-Present

Current Status

Under Overhaul



Current Livery

BR Green (Half Yellow Panel)

Visited Railways

East Kent Railway Jul 97-Nov 98

TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)

59501 & 51151




Nottingham Railcar Group






Record Last Updated

13 October 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51138 was preserved in 1995 along with partner 51151 which had latterly been running as set T003 on the BR network. The set joined the rapidly expanding fleet of Pressed Steel Heritage based on the Colne Valley Railway. 51138 was originally intended to be run with Class 117 51347, with 51151 being a spare parts donor.

Just over a year into preservation, 51138 was placed on loan to the East Kent Railway for a period of 12 months before returning to the Colne Valley Railway.

In 1999, the set was expanded to 3 cars with the addition of Class 117 TCL 59501.

At some point during the late 1990's, the vehicle was reupholstered.

Surplus to requirements, 51138, 59501 & 51151 were sold onto the Nottingham Railcar Group in 2001 and moved to their base at the Great Central Railway (North) who set about on restoration tasks on the vehicle.

In July 2002 the set was relaunched into traffic at the GCR(N).

By 2011 the vehicle was reported to be out of traffic undergoing repairs, which were sporadic.

In 2014 the vehicle's overhaul started in earnest. A start was made on some bodywork, particularly around the cab and guards areas, and the roof was fully stripped and repainted. Defective OLEO buffers were removed andsent away for overhaul.

By 2016 a great deal of exterior restoration to both bodywork and doors had been undertaken, with the vehicle reaching the gloss green stage. Much interior restoration of the guards van had also been completed.

Future Plans
51138 will be overhauled and returned to service, eventually with partner 51151 following.


A general view of 51138 under restoration inside the shed at Ruddington, 20/2/16. Brian Battersby


51138 painting progresses well at Ruddington, 5/9/15. Nottingham Railcar Group


51138 painting progresses well at Ruddington, 22/8/15. Nottingham Railcar Group


51138 having a steam clean underneath which will aid the mechanical restoration work ahead, 23/11/14. Alan Pitt


Bodywork on the No1 side of the brake van area is progressing inside the hed at Ruddington, 11/9/14. Alan Pitt


View of the front solebar and bufferbeam which has been stripped back to metal and repainted. Overhauled OLEO buffers have been fitted and new cab step brackets fabricated. The jumpers have been repanted and the cab end is now flat again following the application of filler, 30/8/14. Alan Pitt


The No2 side guards doors, which are receiving corrosion repairs where required, filler and repainting in primer, 30/8/14. Alan Pitt


W51138 under restoration outside the shed at Ruddington, 18/6/14. Zoe Hunter


W51138 undergoing restoration work at Ruddington, 15/5/11. David Beardmore


W51138 on the Colne Valley Railway, 31/5/01. Stuart Mackay




A nicely refurbished luggage door, 10/1/15. Alan Pitt


An unconventional brake handle seen in the cab desk of W51138, 20/9/14. Alan Pitt