51655 Class 115 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Location History

Lavender Line 93-99

Current Location

Private Site: Rosyth Dock


Epping & Ongar Railway 99-Jun 03

Current Status



Barry Island RailwayJun 03-11

Current Livery

BR Green (Half Yellow Panel)


Private Site: Kingsbury (Storage) 11-Aug 12

TRA Designation



Private Site: Perth Aug 12-14

Partner Vehicle(s)



Private Site: Rosyth Dock 14-Present








Record Last Updated

1 January 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51655 was preserved with partner 51677 at the Lavender Line in 1993 following withdrawal from Network SouthEast.

Little is known about the vehicle whilst at the Lavender Line however the set was reportedly available for driver experience course in 1996, so the set was known to be operational at that point.

Around 1999 the set was sold and relocated to the Epping & Ongar Railway. Again reports on 51655 whilst there are vague.

There was a plan in 2000 for the vehicle to be moved to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre with partner 51677, and a single unit created out of the two vehicles, by cutting the cab from one and attaching it to the brake end of the other. The remains of the cabless vehicle were to provide spares. The plan was not however persued.

In 2003 the vehicle changed hands again, purchased by Carl Hookings who wished to restore and operate the unit at the Barry Island Railway. Much restoration work was completed and the vehicle was repainted into BR Green.

In May 2004 the vehicle made its passenger debut at Barry, as a 3-car set with (newly acquired for the purpose) TCL 59664 and DMBS 51677.

2004-2008 saw the set operating services on the Barry Island Railway.

In 2008, the lease on the Barry Island Railway was terminated, and the DMU fleet of three sets was disbanded. The whole 3-car set was put up for sale, but although TCL 59664 found a new home, there were sadly no takers for 51655.

By February 2011, with no forthcoming sale, 51655 was sold to scrap merchants EMR and moved to their Kingsbury site. However, the company decided not to immediately cut up the vehicle as it was in far from scrap condition.

A buyer was eventually found in August 2012. Squirrel Self Store, a self storage firm based in Perth, purchased the vehicle for additional office space at their Arran Road base, and 51655 was split from its partner 51677 and moved to its new home where it was displayed undercover.

The move was to prove disasterous however with the new owners going to administration in 2014. 51655 was moved to the docks at Rosyth on the Firth of Forth and was last sighted in a compound believed to be associated with scrap metal merchants.

The last sighting of 51655 was in August 2017.

Future Plans
It is thought the vehicle could be scrapped at any time, given its current location and situation.


51655 newly arrived undercover at its new home in Perth where it will be an office, 8/12. Squirrel Self Store


51655 newly arrived undercover at its new home in Perth where it will be an office, 8/12. Squirrel Self Store


51655 & 51677 in store at Barry Island whilst for sale, 17/3/11. Alfred Roberts


51655, in store at Barry and for sale, 6/6/10. David Beardmore


51655, 59664 & 51677 pass the Class 117 set, 22/9/07. Amy Adams


51655, 59664 & 51677 stabled at Barry. Unfortunately it failed just before it was used at a Transport Festival that weekend, 10/6/06. Martin Sprigg


51655, 59664 & 51677 stabled at Barry, 11/6/05. Simon Edwards


51655, 59664 & 51677 stabled at Barry, 12/6/04. Simon Edwards


51655, part way through a repaint at Barry shed, 23/11/03. Stuart Mackay