52077 Class 110 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

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BR Green (Speed Whiskers)



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Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway Co Ltd






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6 March 2013


Preservation Modifications
Additional steps fitted to doorways to aid boarding/alighting at the railway's very low platforms.

Preservation Information
Withdrawn from Neville Hill (Leeds) depot in the early 1990's, this vehicle and partner 52071 was purchased for use on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway. The railway was offered a full 3-car set for the same price as a 2-car, but space constraints at the time meant that only the two vehicles could be housed.

The set appears to have lead a stable life on the line, remaining in service. However as a primarily steam operated tourist railway (with very little booked diesel running) use of the DMU has been modest.

As of 2011, the vehicle's annual booked running included two weekends performing as "Daisy" for the Day out with Thomas events and three weekends operating a winter-weekend service during November.

Future Plans
To maintain in service. If operational commitments allow, it is planned that for the vehicle to receive some mechanical work in 2012.


52077 & 52071 stand at Haverthwaite awaiting the 09:40 departure for Lakeside. 99% of trains are locomotive hauled services, the Mk1 coaching set for which can be seen stabled alongside, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


A view of the No1 engine and associated mechanics of 52077. The Rolls Royce engines have reportedly served the set well during over 20 years of preservation use, but are due for some attention during 2012, 13/11/11.


52077 & 52071 stand at Lakeside awaiting departutre on the 10:15 service to Haverthwaite. This was the first of four round trips which were operating to connect with steamer sailings on Lake Windermere. Currently, this diesel weekend service (which operates only in November) and two Thomas weekends are the only booked workings for the railway's Class 110 set, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


52077 stands at Lakeside awaiting departutre on the 10:15 service to Haverthwaite. Lakeside station offers a cross-platform interchange with Lake Windermere steam boat services, a feature which forms the commercial core of the railway in the tourist rich Lake District, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


52077 & 52071 depart Newby Bridge in dappled sunlight with the 11:00 Haverthwaite-Lakeside. The vehicle's exterior appearance remains smart despite the length of time since a repaint. This is indicative of the railways policy to stable the unit either inside a shed or tunnel, which has saved it from much sun and rain damage, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


52077 & 52071 depart Newby Bridge with the 11:30 Lakeside-Haverthwaite. The vehicle is in original lined green livery with speed whiskers. Although the British Railways crest has been included in the centre of the vehicle, the vehicle numbers have not, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


52077 & 52071 thread their way alongide the southern extremity of Lake Windermere near Lakeside station, working the 12:30 service from Haverthwaite. Although a very tree-lined section of line during the summer season, by November clearer views become available to both passenger and photographer, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


52077 & 52071 approach Newby Bridge in golden evening winter sunlight operating the last train of the day, the 14:55 Lakeside-Haverthwaite, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


52077 & 52071 in service at Haverthwaite, 13/11/05. John Carter


52077 on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite, 29/8/97. Stuart Mackay




View of the drivers position, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


View of the secondmans side of the cab, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


The first class saloon, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


The middle saloon, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


A vestibule. The railway have not backdated the interior, therefore the post-refurbishment orange Formica bulkheads survive, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


The rear saloon, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon


The toilet. Most of the Formica panels survive undamaged, 13/11/11. Chris Moxon