141113 - 55513 Class 141 Driving Motor Second

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Midland Railway Butterley

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Midland Railway Butterley 03-Present

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Midland Railway Butterley



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Visited Railways

Weardale Railway Jun 10-May 12

Current Livery

Metrotrain Red


Llangollen Railway May 12-Jul 12

TRA Designation



Weardale Railway Dec 13-Jan 14

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Llangollen Railcars Limited






Record Last Updated

25 February 2015


Preservation Modifications
Minor improvements to engine pipework arrangements.

Preservation Information
55513 was preserved as a complete set with partner 55533. Unlike first generation railcars, it was far more common for Class 141 units to operate in their as-built formations, 55513 & 55533 are therefore preserved as a complete 2-car set, more commonly known by its set number: 141113.

One of the last two Class 141 units to remain in service with British Rail, 141113 had always been allocated to Neville Hill Depot in Leeds. The unit was the only one of its class to be fitted with Cummins L10 engines and Voith T211r gearboxes.

Purchased in 2003 from store at Doncaster Works in fair condition, 55513 & 55533 were moved to the Midland Railway Butterley, one of the four sets to be saved for preservation.

The vehicle then underwent considerable renovation, including a full interior and exterior repaint, powder-coating of seat frames and electrical works. The engine was completely reconditioned by L.H. Plant of Burton on Trent during this period.

In 2007, the set was launched into passenger service, and was used regularly at Midland Railway Butterley, being popular with crews and visitors.

In 2009, the vehicle was partially repainted and revarnished.

In 2010, 55513 & 55533 were loaned to the Weardale Railway to assist in operation of an experimental “community service”. During the 18 month period 2010-11, the vehicle covered approx 23,000 miles, including working daily throughout the severe winter weather during December 2010. The set was generally used as a spare set to cover for resident unit 55503/55523 (141103).

In January 2012, the Weardale discontinued its Community service, and the workload for 55513 was therefore significantly reduced. The vehicle was therefore returned to its base at the Midland Railway Butterley in July.

During May/June 2013, the windows in the vehicle were removed and refitted with new rubber seals as many of the old ones had failed. his folowed up in Octoberby by resealing the destination blind indicator.

55513 was used for 21 days in December 2013 as staff transport for the Polar Express operations at Weardale on loan. It was returned to the Midland Railway Butterley in time to work their January 2014 weekend DMU diagrams.

In March 2014 faulty switches were replaced to reapir the cab heater which had stopped working. There were also investigations in the roof pod to cure a faulty fan motor and a blowing exhaust was repaied with a new piece of flexible exhaust trunking. The roof was later repainted. The cab front, which was starting to look tired, was repainted during July.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


141113 (55513/55533) arrive into Swanwick Junction, 9/2/15. Frank Richards


55513 seen at Swanwick Junction without its set number due to the front end having been recently repainted, 21/7/14. Llangollen Railcar Group


55513/55533, arriving into Butterley from Hammersmith, 17/2/14. Llangollen Railcar Group


141113 (55513/55533) at Stanhope during its brief visit to stand in for 141103, 16/12/13. Llangollen Railcar Group


The destination box glass being resealed, 14/10/13. Llangollen Railcar Group


141113 at Llangollen during the railcar gala, 24/6/12. Chris Moxon


141113 (55513 & 55533) in service on the Weardale Railway, 7/1/11. John Lewin


141113 (55513 & 55533) in operation at Swanwick Junction, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


55513 in multiple with an East Midlands Trains Class 156, 14/9/08.Evan Green-Hughes


141113 (55513 & 55533) at Swanwick Junction, 29/3/08. Chris Moxon


55513 in multiple with an East Midlands Trains Class 153, 29/3/08.Evan Green-Hughes


141113 (55513 & 55533) in operation at Butterley, 1/4/07. Chris Moxon


141113 (55513 & 55533) in operation at Swanwick Junction, 1/4/07. Chris Moxon


141113 (55513 & 55533) depart Swanwick Junction, 1/4/07. Chris Moxon


141113 (55513 & 55533) at Swanwick Junction, 1/4/07. Chris Moxon


141113 (55513 & 55533) freshly repainted at Swanwick. Evan Green-Hughes


55513 undergoing a lift at Butterley. Evan Green-Hughes


141113 (55513 & 55533) stored at Butterley, 15/7/06. Chris Moxon




Investigations into the roof pod and other minor maintenance being undertaken inside 55513, 17/3/14. Llangollen Railcar Group