50531 Class 104 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

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Telford Steam Railway

Location History

Cambrian Railway (Oswestry) ?-Apr 99

Current Location

Telford Steam Railway


Telford Steam Railway Apr 99-Present

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Current Livery

BR Green (Plain End)



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)





Kevin Dowd & Robert Simpson






Record Last Updated

13 December 2016


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
50531 was preserved in 1992 in a bulk buy of 12 Class 104 vehicles by private individuals Kevin Dowd and Robert Simpson. The fleet was eventually distributed over three heritage railways with 50531 and partner 50479 going to the Cambrian Railway at Oswestry.

50531 was preserved as a spares vehicle and was originally to be broken up to provide parts for other 104 vehicles. However, an offer from an individual in preservation to look after the set resulted in the vehicle being retained and returned to serviceable condition, working with partner 50479.

In 1999 the set was moved to the Telford Steam Railway where it was soon put into traffic. Whilst there 50531 received much restoration work and a repaint into BR Blue livery.

In the mid 2000s, new fire extinguisher regulations forced the set out of service (as a DMU), however the set continued to be used as hauled stock being propelled by some of the railways small steam/diesel locomotives.

In 2009 the vehicle was repainted into BR Green in an effort to tidy the declining exterior appearance, but was later stored as it was not required in service and had some engine problems.

In 2014 the vehicle made a very rare appearance in service when used for a branch line society tour hauled by an industrial diesel loco. 50531 was immediately returned to store.

Future Plans


50531/50479 rest at Spring Village, 7/2/16. Chris Moxon


50531 looking a little sorry for itself, 1/11/15. Chris Moxon


50531 stored at Spring Village, 3/4/15. Zoe Hunter


The unlined side of 50531, at Spring Village, 25/1/15. Brian Battersby


50531 stored at Telford, 9/7/12. Chris Moxon


50531 stored at Telford, 9/7/12. Chris Moxon


50531, stored at Spring Village, 1/8/10. Chris Bell


50531 at Telford now repainted into BR Green, 28/12/09. Chris Moxon


50531 at Telford now repainted into BR Green, 28/12/09. Chris Moxon


53531 stabled, 5/5/08. Simon Edwards


53531 stabled, Jan 2007. Dave Angell


53531, sporting its "Buxton" white cab roof dome, lines up alongside the more modern RB004 railbus at Spring Village, 5/05. Dave Angell


53531 & 53479 at Telford, 4/4/99. On tour with the class 13 army


53531 shortly after it and 53479 arrived on the Telford Steam Railway from Oswestry, 1999. Frank Nicholas



50531's cab, drivers side, 9/7/12. Chris Moxon


50531's cab, secondmans side, 9/7/12. Chris Moxon


50531's first class saloon, 9/7/12. Chris Moxon


50531's middle saloon, 9/7/12. Chris Moxon


50531's rear saloon, 9/7/12. Chris Moxon


A passenger vestibule inside 50531, 9/7/12. Chris Moxon