51993 Class 107 Driving Motor Brake Second

Home Railway

Tanat Valley Railway

Location History

Mid Norfolk Railway 96-Dec 97

Current Location

Tanat Valley Railway


Caledonian Railway Dec 97-03

Current Status

Under Restoration


Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway 03-Feb 10

Current Livery

BR Green (Half Yellow Panel)


Tanat Valley Railway Feb 10-Present

TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)


Visited Railways

Midland Railway Butterley (Contract Restoration) 05


Class 107 Ltd






Record Last Updated

1 August 2014


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51993 was withdrawn from passenger service in September 1992 but saw several years service as Sandite car 977834, formed with 52012. as Haymarket's 'Sandite Set 3' (S 003 / 960003). 51993 & 52012 were initially saved in 1996 on the Mid Norfolk Railway as part of the ill fated National Diesel Railcar Museum.

When the National Diesel Railcar Museum collapsed 51993 & 52012 were purchased by members of the Brechin Railway and returned to Scotland at the Caledonian Railway.

Whilst at the Caledonian Railway the interior was secured and broken windows replaced. An initial survey indicated that the vehicle was restorable and some bodywork was completed.

However by the end of 2000 the owners felt they could not spare the time to complete 51993 and offered the vehicle for sale, if there was no takers it would be broken up for spares.

Class 107 Ltd purchased 51993 & 52012in 2001, and they were expected to remain stored at Bridge of Dun on the Brechin line for a year until they finished restoring the Swindon & Cricklade set, which was due to go on hire to the Brechin Railway, subject to sponsorship from Angus Council.

As part of the centralisation of Class 107 Ltd's vehicle fleet, 51993 & 52012moved to their new base at Embsay in 2003 where the restoration was slowly continued.

2005 saw 51993 spend a few months at the Midland Railway Butterley where the exterior bodywork was completed on a contract basis. The vehicle, now in a temporary coat of BR Green, was returned to Embsay for interior and mechanical restoration to continue.

In 2010, following the removal of all DMU vehicles from Embsay, 51993 relocated to the growing Tanat Valley Railway where the restoration continued alongside that of partner52012.

Interior and mechanical restoration work is ongoing on 51993.

Future Plans
To complete the restoration. The vehicle was previously a sandite car, consequently internal restoration will be a substantial task.


51993 under restoration at the Tanat Valley, 13/7/14. Osrail


51993 under restoration at Bolton Abbey, 6/6/09. David Beardmore


51993 nearest, with Class119 51073 and Class 101 59303. Outside Butterley Carriage shed, MRC, 15/4/05. Stuart Mackay


Part way through work, Butterley Yard, 14/3/05. Stuart Mackay


During body repairs, Butterley Carriage Shed, MRC, 15/2/05. Stuart Mackay


In the yard at Butterley, Midland Railway Centre, with 101 692. Stuart Mackay


51993 in storage, Gary Duckworth


51993 stored at Bridge of Dun, Caledonian Railway, 25/2/02. Stuart Mackay